Eclipsed by Trinity War Spoilers: Flash #23 Reveals Who Is the Reverse Flash (Villains Month Prelude)

While much of the recent attention at DC Comics New 52 has been focused on the Trinity War finale in Justice League #23, its huge spoilers, and the lead into Forever Evil, three DC books have gone under the radar.

The first two are Catwoman #23 and Supergirl #23 and their big spoilers here. The other book is Flash #23. All three issue #23 books spoilerific cliffhangers set up history revealing Villains Month one-shots: Catwoman > Batman The Dark Knight #23.4: The Joker’s Daughter, Supergirl > Action Comics #23.1 Cyborg Superman, and Flash > Flash #23.2: Reverse-Flash.

Spoilers for Flash #23 follow. You have been warned.

It turns out that the DC New 52’s isn’t Wally West, as many speculated. Nor is he Hunter Zolomon. Nix Eobard Thawne too. In fact, this new Reverse Flash’s look is as different from his predecessors’ costumes. Red-black in 2013 versus yellow-red pre New 52. So, why not have a completely divergent identity too? Well, the Reverse Flash is someone we’ve seen in the New 52. He’s actually Daniel West / Danny West who first debuted in Flash #0 one year ago.

Iris West discovers in Flash #23 that her brother Daniel / Danny West is the Reverse Flash to hers and Flash, Barry Allen’s, surprise.

Wally West remains MIA in the New 52 folks. Sorry ’bout that.

Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash out in September 2013 will reveal how Daniel became the Reverse Flash. Should prove interesting.

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