Eclipsed By Forever Evil Spoilers: How A Classic DC Comics Character Became The New 52’s NEW Cyborg Superman In Action Comics #23.1 (Villains Month)

Last week we brought your attention to Supergirl #23 and its stunning reveal of the identity of the New 52’s Cyborg Superman. Well, it is NOT Hank Henshaw.

Action Comics #23.1: Cyborg Superman explains how that character became the current foil of the Superman Family. It may be a bit eclipsed by this week’s Forever Evil #1 and its 5 big spoilers.

However, we’re still interested in Cyborg Superman and how he / it came to be the DC New 52.

Spoilers below.

Supergirl’s father, and Superman’s uncle, Zor-El is Cyborg Superman. And here’s how it happened.

Such revealing images in the preview:

I was surprised DC gave away that origin in its preview pages since many readers wanted to know how Zor-el became Cyborg Superman.

The rest of the issue was contrasting between Zor-el’s “life” and his Cyborg Superman persona’s “life”. One was compassionate the other ruthless. Will that compassion bleed into Cyborg Superman?

Overall, the issue was entertaining.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 馃檪

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