Close To 100 Villains Identified From Forever Evil #1 Gatefold By David Finch With Justice League Still MIA (Forever Evil Spoilers) UPDATED

You responded to our appeal yesterday. Of the 100 plus villains on the 4-page David Finch pencilled gatefold in Forever Evil #1, we took a big dent out of it, but needed some assistance from fandom to identify the remaining 15 villains.

Through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, CBR’s DC Comics Forums, Aquaman Shrine and Comics Nexus, you responded. That meant changing a few of my previous misidentifications, new villains identified from the edges of the gatefold, and filling out the remaining question marks. With that, we’re done!

There are almost 100 figures in the image, actually 94 by my count, and they’re identified now. UPDATE: Riddler was somehow missed, but now included.

Below on top is the current villains annotation / mapping thanks to you! Below that it is the original untainted gatefold. Lastly, if you need to get a fix, the Top 5 spoilers from Forever Evil #1 is here.

Spoilers below.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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