10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 9.16.13 (Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dusty Rhodes)

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Hey there, everyone. I’ll be covering for Harrak here on “10 Thoughts” and I’ll do my best to not sink the ship. So let’s get rolling.

1. I’m just gonna lump all my Daniel Bryan/HHH/WWE title business all on this first thought. We start off with exactly what we were all assuming was going to happen. HHH vacates (or whatever word he used) the WWE title due to Scott Armstrong’s fast count. He does so because Armstrong implicates Daniel Bryan in some sort of scheme-hatchery for the finish. At the end of the night, Daniel Bryan gets ganged up on by Shield and Randy Orton and then all the mid and low card faces come out for the rescue. First of all, Daniel Bryan has yet to provide physical proof that he was not in collusion with Armstrong so, in kayfabe-world, all those faces just hoisted an alleged cheater on their shoulders. Of course, all the good guys believe he’s innocent and I’m sure that’ll come to light in the near future (Armstrong probably sent himself the text) but still, I had to scratch my head on that one.

2. Ziggler had a match against Dean Ambrose in which one of the commentators suggested that Ziggler wants to win this to get back into the US Championship picture. I won’t answer whether or not his character actually does want that or not BUT I have another question. Do WE really want Ziggler in the US Championship picture? The answer to that riddle is no because he should be higher up. Yes, it puts him into the picture of the overall story arc, fine but it’s the principle of the thing. This thought is dedicated to my Classy Ring Attire co-host, Joel Leonard, because he’s still pissed Ziggler wasn’t back in the WHC scene.

3. Dusty Rhodes made his return and decided tonight was a great night shatter all kayfabe. He said what was on his mind and surprisingly wasn’t the one that got censored in this segment. But let’s be honest, we all know Dusty could easily choose between his two sons and I assume all parents could choose their favorite children. (Can you tell that I’m not a parent?)

4. Here is a list of things that make Big Show cry:
Running into small women
Losing his job
Being reminded that he’s broke
Punching Daniel Bryan
Punching Dusty Rhodes
Sarah McLachlan songs
An empty jar of Nutella
Surprise proposal YouTube videos

5. Stephanie McMahon gets Randy’s nethers in a vice to try to convince to be the old Orton that assaulted and molested her years ago. Geez, Steph has a weird past. First she talks about Big Show telling her “that it’s okay to do things you don’t wanna do” a couple of weeks ago and now this?

6. Speaking of Randy, he demolished Miz in his hometown and in front of his…homely parents. I vaguely remember Miz getting similar treatment last time they were in Cleveland so I’m just making the assumption that since JR is no longer around, Miz now gets the hometown anti-rub.

7. Where the hell is CM Punk? The only way this is acceptable is if we’re going to get 3 hours of Punk in Chicago next Monday night.

8. Paul Heyman and Ryback share a tender moment and Lawler seems to be the only one bothered by this. Also, Paul is now in a wheelchair which made me assume that Punk would be running out at any second and give him the Zack Ryder treatment (rolling him off the stage, not keeping him off the card so he can whine about it on twitter).

9. Speaking of, Ryder had some screen time during 3 different times. It’s like he’s the US champ all over again, am I right? It was a shame to see everyone’s food get cold in the back, though.

10. For those keeping count, it took WWE over 3 hours to remove Daniel Bryan as the WWE champion on the website. Forget firing Scott Armstrong for his actions, fire their webmaster.

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