New Justice League Of America Writer Reveals Where The Missing Super-Heroes Are During Forever Evil! Spoilers! (DC Comics New 52)

Despite a prevailing theory on where the Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark are after the finale of Trinity War (top 5 spoilers here) and the kick off of Forever Evil (top 5 spoilers here), incoming JLA writer Matt Kindt tactfully debunked thay prevailing theory and revealed where the Leaguers are in a recent interview with Newsarama.

Spoilers follow.

    Yeah. They are [on Prime Earth, the main DCU Earth]. The first issue [Justice League #8] and a half is them sort of breaking out of this crazy prison that they’re in. And they have to figure out what they’re in, why they’re in it, and how to get out. So that happens.

    And then the rest of it is going to be them on a road trip across the country, dealing with all the horrible stuff that’s happened.

    …their powers are a little weird. I’d say [the escaped Martian] Manhunter’s not 100 percent himself, but I don’t really want to say why, because it sort of spoils one of the reveals.

Writer Matt Kindt noted that his six issue Justice League of America arc, which precedes writer Jeff Lemire taking over and making the title Justice League of Canada, will focus on Martian Manhunter and Stargirl. While Martian Manhunter’s powers are bit off in Justice League of America #8, Stargirl has had her cosmic rod / staff taken away so she is also not as powerful as she was pre-Trinity War and pre-Forever Evil.

Interesting times ahead.

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