THE RAGER! Giving It Your Almost (Night of Champions, HHH, Randy Orton)

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Hello again, friends. seeing as how you have already seen my thoughts on Raw this week, it’s only fitting to give you all the great opportunity to read my Night of Champions thoughts. Luck you.

Kick-off Tag Team Turmoil Match:
This was fine, I still thought it would been effective to have Prime Time Players to start the match and run the gauntlet on the rest. Of course, it wouldn’t have meant that much with the limited time the overall match had to work with. Instead, PTP unsurprisingly came out last and won.

The actual Pay-Per-View started with a 20 minute HHH promo…I don’t even…just skip it.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
A match created during the aforementioned opening promo to help stack the deck for CM Punk later in the match. Of course they go with Kofi, he’s basically at the top of WWE’s speed dial for last-minute IC challengers. The match itself was fine enough, I suppose. I just wish the included the IC in Axel’s match against Punk as a way for him to try to strip more things away from Heyman.

The Divas Championship Fatal Four-Way:
The only thing that stuck out to me was the weird spot between Natalya, Naomi and Brie that led to the double sharpshooter. I’m specifically referring to Natalya weirdly stacking Brie across Naomi with both women’s shoulder down. The ref didn’t count and reacted like he wasn’t suppose to as Natalya then repositioned to set up the next move. Not exactly what the purpose of that was but who am I to decipher what they’re getting at with the Divas these days? If that’s what the best the Divas have to offer, I’m glad AJ kept the belt. Maybe they should stick to singles matches for a while.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
That awkward pre-tape was bad enough to make me rethink my positive feelings I have towards RVD and Ricardo. I still like them both but Ricardo has been moved down from his “can do no wrong” pedestal in my mind. I don’t know if I have too much to say about the match itself. It wasn’t a bad match by any means but it definitely wasn’t anything memorable either.

Miz vs Fandango:
That happened and I think I’ve officially given up hope for Fandango and now place him in Brodus Clay territory. Of course, I say that and watch there be a big break-through for his career and I’ll be eating this statement like a half-priced 16 oz. of Half Baked. And Miz just needs a complete overhaul…of everything.

CM Punk vs Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel
I actually enjoyed the CM Punk and Curtis Axel portion of the match. Still not completely convinced of Axel in general and I’m unsure if it’s a good or bad thing that he’s completely interchangeable with just about anyone (specifically Brock and Ryback) but it doesn’t feel like it should be a good thing. Punk got his shots in on Heyman and the twist that we were all expecting did happen. The only difference is that we weren’t expecting the particular wrestler that came to Heyman’s aid. All-in-all this can only mean good things for Ryback considering how lately he’s either been left off the card or shown in fetish-like food or shower videos. I’m still concerned for that one guy that got all that food in his ear.

The US Championship Match:
Do I like that Dolph is back down to the US title scene? Not really. Am I happy to see a Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose-before-hoes face each other? Absolutely. The only bad thing is that Dean seemed to beat Dolph a little too clean and a little too quickly. Also, it’s never a good sign that your PPV match was “alright” and then the free match the next night was “incredible.” I still think this feud is just another way to get Dolph further invested in the struggle against the HHH Regime (which is something I’ve coined and we should all go with it instead of Corporation 2.0).

The Tag Team Championship Match:
Just like in the last match, I was surprised at how quickly and cleanly Shield put PTP away in this, especially considering the push PTP has gotten lately. Sure, it wasn’t necessarily a huge push but it was considerable in today’s tag team picture. Also, I was surprised PTP wasn’t included in the #1 contender match the next night. Although, PTP were the ones carrying Daniel Bryan on their shoulders to close the show and from what I’m hearing, that will be of some significance going forward.

The WWE Championship:
It was a Daniel Bryan match. That’s really all you have to say and you immediately know that it will instantly either be THE match of the night or a contender at the very least. But something weird happened at the time the screen went dark and the PPV was over. I wasn’t excited over the fact that Daniel Bryan was champion. Even after Randy cashed in, I was still beaming at the end of Summerslam. I think there’s a few things to take into account to explain how I felt. After Summerslam, we could completely say that Daniel Bryan cleanly beat Cena and in this day and age, that just about as good as winning the championship from a sentimental victory standpoint. Yeah, Daniel Bryan cleanly beat Randy but we just saw that a few months ago so we had absolutely faith that it could happen again. Also, I think I can add in the overall lackluster of a PPV that happened before this match that drained me to the point where I was in much more of a “RAGER” attitude. Finally, there was the finish. We all knew from the moment we saw the quick count by Scott Armstrong that shenanigan were running wild and some sort of retaliatory action would be taken very soon.

Needless to say, I didn’t think Night of Champions was a very good pay per view. Yes, I understand that it was necessary from a story perspective and how it will lead into the next phase of both HHH’s Regime and the CM Punk/Heyman war. Still, doesn’t mean we should paid real money for this.

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