Demythify: Forever Evil Week 4 Checklist, Batman / Superman’s Doomsday Vs. Superman’s Mom, He’l Vs. Superman’s Dad, Plus Justice League 3000 & Damian Son Of Batman (DC Comics New 52 SPOILERS)

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Welcome to our DC potpourri edition of Demythify! Spoilers follow. You have been warned. ;)

DC Comics New 52 Gets Cover Logo’d

During DC Comics Villains Month, with its DC 52 3D covered villains solo books coinciding with Forever Evil, we got a look at the final logo for the Damian: Son of Batman series. And, in the Previews dated October 2013, we also get the reveal of the new Justice League 3000 ongoing series’ logo.

Damian: Son of Batman is a four issue mini-series set in a “future that may never be” since Damian Wayne died recently in Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated. This new future-set mini-series hits stands October 30, 2013. It is written and drawn by Damian Wayne co-creator Andy Kubert. The first issue hijinks are described as follows by DC Comics: “Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, has adopted the cape and cowl as his own…but what horrific events set this troubled hero on the path of his dark destiny? It’s a possible future that may never be in this epic miniseries…”

Justice League 3000 is an ongoing New 52 series set in the future of the DC Universe. We learned at the end of Legion of Super-Heroes that it was a series that may not have taken in the future of the Prime Earth DCU, but Earth 2 instead. If true, the future of the DC New 52 may be uncharted – enter Justice League 3000 penned by writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis with artist Howard Porter. The debut issue hits stands in December 4, 2013 and its solicit doesn’t reveal much so issue #1 should be full of surprises: “…what are these heroes doing in the year 3000? And who (or what) brought them there? Get ready for a dose of wonder…” The c-word seems to surround this series, as in “clones”. We’ll find out soon enough.

Doomsday #1 Teaser Has Superman’s Mom, Lara, As A… Superwoman?

DC has also released some interior art to the LA Times for Batman / Superman #3.1: Doomsday #1 by the new creative ream for the ongoing Batman / Superman series of writer Greg Pak and artist Brett Booth. Interesting that we’ve had a few Villains Month tackle the past of Krypton, Superman’s home world. Batman / Superman #3.1: Doomsday #1 showcases the usual Kryptonian cast with Superman’s parents and Supergirl’s parents shown in the teaser art as well as Colonel Zod (before he became General Zod), who also got his own Villains Month title.

Batman / Superman #3.1: Doomsday #1 hits stands September 25, 2013.

Superman #23.3 He’l #1 Has Jor-el In The Crosshairs?

While the teaser for Week 4’s Doomsday #1 shows Lara as a Superwoman standing up to Doomsday, Week 3’s Superman #23.3: H’el #1 had a different fate for Lara’s husband, and Superman’s father Jor’el leading directly into the 4-issue Krypton Returns arc that has Superman, Supergirl and Superboy travel to the past of Krypton and see it run by H’el.

He kills Jor-el? How exactly is Superman born if his father is killed in the past? Krypton Returns has some real significance now! And likely even more time travel, paradoxes, whathaveyou. Plus, how does Jor-el make it onto the cover of one of the Krypton Returns covers as seen below? All four interlocking covers are below.

Fun times ahead for the Superman Family!

Villains Month Week 4, Forever Evil Checklist

This week also marks the end of DC Comics’ Villains Month. The Week 4 checklist for you is below including Batman / Superman #3.1 Doomsday #1 that was discussed earlier.

The 3D covers have been… interesting… with some of the issues being really intriguing villain-centric yarns. My fave so far? Wonder Woman #23.1: Cheetah #1. AMAZING book on story and art. Pick it up!

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. :)

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