The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 (Team Rousey vs. Team Tate), Episode 4 – Results, Review, Thoughts, Spoilers On Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Another week is down and we’re back with “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 18. Or, as it’s come to be known around Inside Fights HQ, “Real World: Ultimate Fighter Edition.”

We’re back and we start out with a recap of last week’s episode. Miesha and Ronda aren’t buddies, and Bryan Caraway isn’t Rouse’s favorite fighter either.

Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modafferi is this week’s fight. Rakoczy hurt her shoulder coming into the house. And Modafferi speaks Japanese fluently, of course, as she has lived in Japan for some time. She resides there currently, teaching English while being a full time fighter.

Dennis Hallman is a guest coach and he and Ronda’s coach aren’t friends apparently. Hallman picked a fight with him, of course, and Rousey got in Hallman’s face about it. Tate had a bit of a tish-eating grin watching it happen, too, and dramatic shenanigans ensue necessitating Uncle Dana to come in to help sooth feelings. Everyone’s still pissed at Bryan Caraway for his insults towards Ronda before the first Tate/Rousey fight, despite his being genuinely sorry about it all.

Tate does something interesting in practice with co-ed sparring. Josh Hill wasn’t a fan of it, of course, and Sarah Moras liked going full throttle with the guys. Rakoczy is hurt but going to soldier on. Rakoczy and Modafferi discuss their fight in Japan eight years earlier.

This episode follows the usual path of a TUF episode by focusing on the two combatants, giving us an insight into them. Oddly enough, outside of the Hallman drama, there has been little shenanigans involving Rousey or Tate. It is kind of refreshing and made the show a bit better than the “Real World” stupidity that infected the prior episodes.

This is being focused as a striker/grappler matchup … and, as always in TUF, historically it doesn’t match up with the hype.

Rakoczy got invited to the house, perhaps, because her skills as a boxer were elite and not because of her 1-3 (1) record. She has only fought sporadically over the years, mainly boxing, and has now focused on MMA full time. Her only win is due to strikes, though, and she has a plethora of boxing titles to her credit. She’s on a one fight winning streak coming into TUF.

Roxanne Modafferi has a substantial grappling background, competing in ADCC in 2005. But she only has four of her 15 wins via submission, oddly enough, and wins more by decision than anything else. She’s been out-grappled in the past, and submitted, by people without nearly the name and reputation. She was also on the receiving end of Sarah Kaufman’s spectacular KO slam on a Strikeforce Challengers card. She’s on a five fight losing streak coming into TUF.

The fight: Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Round 1: Rakoczy comes out throwign and she’s a got clear edge in that department. Roxy with the takedown but isn’t doing much. Rakoczy is doing some work off her back but she’s just not experienced enough on the ground to keep it up. Modafferi gets side control on a pass but isn’t really doing much on top. Rakoczy scrambles and Modaferri goes for back mount, winding up on her back in full guard. She rolls for an armbar off her back and nearly gets it twice. Rakoczy has been trained in defense but not much offense with her top game. Modaferri nearly gets a knee bar but Rakoczy gets up and we’re back standing. Modaferri gets the takedown late in the round but doesn’t do much. Rakoczy nearly pulls off an Omaplata off her back. 10-9 Modafferi

Round 2: Rakoczy lights her up early in the round and Roxanne goes for the ground. She nearly pulls a triangle off before Rakoczy gets smart and stands up. She’s lighting her up and Roxy has nothing for her on the fight. We get a quick break because Rakoczy continually is grabbing the cage. Third warning but no point taken away, though. Madaferri eats a TON of punishment to get the takedown and doesn’t get her down for any real amount of time. She winds up on her back and gets slammed by Rakoczy, eating some big strikes from the top. Madafferi eats some strikes and we get a mercy kill at 2:32 of the second round. She was out 20 seconds prior, though, and that was some awful refereeing.

Jessica Rakoczy wins via TKO at 2:32 of the second round.

Everyone like Roxy, as she’s slowly getting up, but she was gassed going into the second and not looking that good either. She looks shopworn and well beyond her expiration date.

Ronda Rousey has control and we’re picking fights.

Next Week’s Fight: David Grant vs. Louis Fisette

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