Earth 2 #19 Spoilers: Is The New Batman’s Identity Finally Revealed & What Secret Weapon Has He Discovered That Rivals Superman? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Earth 2 continues to be on the top of my “to read” pile each and every week it hits stands. This issue is Earth 2 #19 and features the Earth 2 Batman working alongside that Earth’s new Wonders. In Earth 2 #18, there were some surprising debuts and additions to the Superman Family, and issue #19 picks up in the same frenetic style as that issue.


There has been a lot made of the super-powered Earth 2 Batman, the mystery about his identity despite DC Comics seemingly doing that by accident already, and the build to his fight versus the rampaging Earth 2 Superman.

While we don’t learn who is under Batman’s cowl, we do learn who the Aquawoman that the team freed last month is, and we also meet an interesting new character / weapon in the fight against Apokolips and its greatest champion: Superman. The below take place directly after the teaser pages released by DC for this issue.

I applaud the DC Comics New 52 initiative for ensuring greater diversity across DC’s line. Earth 2, even prior to the reveal of an African-American looking Kryptonian in this issue, was one of DC’s most diverse titles. I’m very please to see this debut and am eager to see what’s next for the entire cast of Earth 2.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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