Superior Spider-Man #30 Spoilers: Peter Parker’s & Doctor Octopus’ Amazing Spider-Man Fates Revealed?! Is This It? (All-New Marvel New In Review)

Major SPOILERS for Superior Spider-Man #30.

With Part 4 of the 5-part Goblin Nation upon us, Superior Spider-Man #30 preview here, the question was always would Peter Parker reassert himself in this issue of the Superior Spider-Man series or in its finale issue? (After all, he is returning to headline his own new series under the All-New Marvel Now publishing initiative starting in the brand spanking new Amazing Spider-Man #1.)

Well, Superior Spider-Man #30 answers that question. Does Peter “return” in this issue or next month’s Superior Spider-Man #31? Well, read on Marvel Zombie. Read on.

This was an exciting fast-paced issue that went by really quickly. My only criticism was that the Spider-Man 2099 was pointless. It almost was just there to remind readers that he’s around in advance of writer Dan Slott’s Fall 2014 Spider-Verse event storyline across his Spider-Man books. Also, I found the intended-to-be-dramatic-cliffhanger-page poorly drawn. Everything else in the issue had depth, passion and action. Superior Spider-Man #30 is well worth the read for any Spidey fan, lapsed or current.

Before, we get into the meat of the issue, let’s look back on some key moments from the last year or so of Superior Spider-Man.

Now, onto Spider-Man #30. SPOILERS follow. You have been warned.

The Green Goblin and Goblin Nation have overrun New York City. Doctor Octopus’ Superior Spider-Man has been humbled. Peter Parker can not hide in the mindscape any longer from Doc Ock. With that resolve, he reveals himself to Otto Octavius and makes his intentions clear: he wants his life back! Not just for himself, but to save New York City from the Goblins.

Peter confronts Ock on his failure and Doc Ock agrees that Peter Parker needs to return to make things right for New York City. Doctor Octopus really believes in the hero ideal and Peter Parker, the real Parker as the Amazing Spider-Man, can save NYC where the Superior Spider-man could not.

Doctor Octopus heads to Parker Industries to enter the mindscape and enable Peter Parker’s full return to the body that Octavius has co-opted over a year.

Doc Ock erases his memories from Peter Parker effectively allowing Parker to reassert control over his own body. He is touched by Doctor Otto Octavius’ sacrifice and will save his beloved Anna Maria and the citizens of NYC from the Green Goblin his Goblin Nation.

It’s on! All roads lead to Superior Spider-Man #31; the end of this series.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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