Justice League #30 Spoilers & Review: What Is Lex Luthor Really Up To & Who Is Jessica Cruz, DC Comics New 52’s Next Power Ring?

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Following the stunning events of DC Comics’ Forever Evil finale out this week as well, MAJOR SPOILERS HERE for that book, comes the New 52’s Justice League #30.


Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke and Scott Hanna

SPOILERS follow within this Justice League #30 review.


DC Comics has been seeded the debut of an Earth female Green Lantern ring bearer since the end of Geoff Johns’ run on the Green Lantern series. It turns out that Jessica Cruz makes her debut in Justice League #30.

Earlier this week DC Comics also revealed Jessica Cruz’s Power Ring costume – as she has been selected by Earth 3’s Power Ring to become its next host since the previous holder died at the hands of Sinestro during Forever Evil– to be revealed in action in August 2014’s Justice League #34.

In the free preview to this week’s Justice League #30, we also see how Lex Luthor pulled Earth together after the threat of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate was vanquished; to Clark Kent / Superman’s chagrin.

You’ll also note from they above that the Doom Patrol (having re-debuted in a small cameo in Justice League #24 with spoilers here plus a more meaty presence in Justice League #27 with major spoilers here) have more to do in upcoming issues of Justice League.

And, many of us are wondering of Lex Luthor’s heroic conversion is real. Well, Wonder Woman’s magic lasso has Lex Luthor reveal his plans and motivations to the Justice League.

It seems Lex’s heart is pure and he is anticipating the Earth 3 destroyer threat. And, readers know who that threat is from the Forever Evil finale, SPOILERS HERE.

Plus, the issue is capped off by another major development between Lex Luthor and Batman after another major development from the Forever Evil finale, SPOILERS for that HERE.

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