Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Eviction Aftermath, Detonators Draw Skittles To Determine Who Must Throw BOTB Competition To Keep Donny On Block

What happened after Frankie and Derrick won the HOH competition?

Cody and Caleb spoke to Derrick and said that they wanted him to remain HOH over Frankie.

The three then discussed the idea of nominating Zach and Donny together. Derrick said that they should just tell Victoria that she would not be nominated so she wouldn’t be there when they met to discuss the nominations after Donny went to sleep. Caleb suggested putting Christine up beside Donny, just in case Donny won one of the competitions and they needed to take out someone else. Zach quickly said that he would be willing to go up next to Donny and throw the competition.

Zach then started having a change of heart and said that this week’s evictee only needed three votes to send them home. After the guys promised him his safety, Zach said that he was okay to go up. Frankie and Derrick decided that the fairest way to decide who remained HOH is to have whoever drew the #1 egg nominate Donny and Zach. Zach said he would take one for the team like Caleb did and throw the competition. He said that he wanted one of the Detonators to take him off the block if he won the veto.

Frankie and Derrick decided that they would let Donny know he was being nominated in the morning because of their Team America connection. Derrick said that it was a smarter decision to have him stay as the HOH as the next HOH would be endurance and Frankie would be better at it. Frankie said that he had the same idea. Derrick said he wouldn’t backdoor him. They decided to just tell the rest of the Detonators that Frankie lost at rock paper scissors and that’s why Derrick will remain as the HOH.

Derrick said that he didn’t like the idea of putting Zach up against Victoria as people would send Zach home. Frankie said that he was thinking about putting up Cody and Christine. Derrick told Frankie that he needed to guarantee that Donny would go home if he stayed on the block. The two agreed that Donny would not vote with them under the guise of Team America if he stayed after being nominated.

Derrick told Donny that he would likely be going up and when Donny said it was somebody else’s turn, Derrick tried to spint it by saying that he would have two shots to save himself. The BoTB and the POV competition.

Zach went to Derrick and said that he was worried the competition couldn’t be thrown (like what happened with Caleb last week). Derrick said that would talk tonight and make a plan. He also told Zach to always do what is best for him. Zach suggested that Christine be nominated on the opposite side of him in case he and Derrick do win. Zach said the best plan was to nominate both Donny and Victoria and then send home Christine if the veto was used to keep both Donny and Victoria safe. Zach told Derrick that he didn’t want to throw the competition and that it was too late in the game to do so.

The Detonators had a meeting to discuss nominations. Frankie said to send Donny home, they should keep Victoria off the block and then have someone throw the competition next to Donny have two other Detonators go up on the other side. Zach said he did not feel comfortable throwing the competition. Caleb said that he had already done it. Christine and Cody both said that they didn’t want to throw it either. Caleb took this as a sign that none of them trusted each other. Derrick said that the only other option was to nominate Donny and Victoria on separate sides and then draw straws to see who went up next to them. Then for everyone to try and win the veto. That idea was immediately rejected because of the risk. Caleb said that if one of them went up next to Donny and won the BoTB, they would have screwed the whole group and be the next to go.

Cody and Christine both agreed to throw the competition but wouldn’t volunteer to go up. Zach said he was in same position. The group then tried to bully Zach and told him that there was no way they would vote him out. Caleb said that they kept him when he was in danger but Zach turned this around and said that he should have n ever been in danger in the first place. Zach suggested they draw straws to determine who would have to throw the competition.

They finally decided to draw Skittles in order to determine the nominees. The first one drawn would have to throw the competition. Zach chose orange, Cody chose red, Caleb chose green and Christine chose purple. The first Skittle drawn was purple, meaning that Christine has to go on the block with Donny and throw the competition. The next Skittle drawn was red, followed by green, meaning that Cody and Caleb will go on the block as Frankie’s nominees.