Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Hook To Get Makeover In Season 4

Apparently, we will get to see Hook without the leather coat this season.

In a recent interview with TVLine, actor Colin O’Donoghue revealed some details about what to expect when the show returns and said that a makeover is overdue.

“I’ve mentioned it, and it’s going to happen this season – people will get to see Hook in more modern clothes,” he said. “So I’m intrigued to see how Hook will feel in them, how he’ll fit in…. I guess he’s been wearing the same clothes for 300-something years, so I just hope he can get them off, that they haven’t actually become a part of him.”

The actor also said that Hook would have some trouble adjusting to all of the new modern technologies that he finds in Storybrook as opposed to the lack of gadgets in Neverland.

“Storbyrooke is obviously very different from the 18th-century high seas, so he has to sort of come to terms with it all. Yeah, there are going to be some fun little moments with that.”


Source: TVLine.com