Dana White Says Jose Aldo Wasn’t Joking When He Pushed Chad Mendes, Says Their Tension Is Real

After Jose Aldo pushed Chad Mendes at a media day appearance earlier in the week, Jose Aldo retracted and said he did it only to sell the fight.

Dana White disagrees.

The UFC President says that the push was intentional and wasn’t a mistake like Aldo later claimed.

“He said he didn’t fake it, (that) the push was real,” White told UFC.com.

“This has happened before,” continued. “Aldo said, ‘That’s not what I said.’ Every time they say something in Portuguese and it gets translated into English – I got a call that (Renan) Barao had come out and said he wasn’t being paid enough money. So we called him, and he told me he never said that – it gets mixed up in translation.”

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Source: MMAJunkie.com