The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Abraham Give Eugene A Pass For His Lie?

In a recent interview with EW, Michael Cudlitz discussed last night’s episode of The Walking Dead where Eugene revealed that he has been lying about his mission and that he has no idea how to save humanity.

The actor revealed why Abraham might give his former friend a pass as Eugene saved his life by giving him something to focus on after his family had left him.

“He saved his life,” Cudlitz said. “And that’s the irony. And that’s what we’re left with to process. And hopefully the audience is on board with us on that in the end, and you realize that that big lie is what has ultimately saved Abraham’s life and given him a stay, if you will. From this point on, the big question is — what does Abraham do now? What is left to live for now, because all of that was a lie. So he’s back on the street in a similar position as he was at the end of when he lost his family. And you have to process what’s next, because he’s right at that level of his lowest point, except it could be argued that it’s even lower because not only does he have the loss of that, but he has this other loss which was compounded on a lie on top of it. It’s a very compelling character piece.”

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