The Flash Spoilers: Preview Of Tonight’s Episode As Kelly Frye Discusses Plastique’s Debut & Cisco’s Crush, Plus Why Is Barry Naked?

The Flash returns to The CW tonight and the episode marks the debut of Plastique.

Played by Kelly Frye (The Mentalist), Bette Sans Souci (Plastique) is a metahuman who isn’t a villain by choice but could be considered one if the military succeeds in attempting to weaponize her ability to turn anything she touches into an explosive.

In a recent interview with, Frye discussed how her character’s ability results in Barry Allen losing his clothes, Cisco developing a crush and introduces a new character in addition to her own.

After she touches Barry’s Flash uniform, he is forced to quickly remove it or risk blowing up. “That was pretty cool,” Frye said.

While she sees Barry in all of his glory, it’s actually Cisco who develops a crush on the new character.

“There may be a little something between Cisco and me…,” Frye said. The actress also hinted that the tech whiz’s christening of her as “Plastique” is “a really cute part of the episode.”

Finally, when Barry and Wells first hear about Bette, they assume she is like the other metahumans they have encountered and someone that they need to stop but quickly realizes she isn’t evil. The problem is the introduction of General Wade Eiling (played by Sleepy Hollow‘s Clancy Brown) who wants to use her for his black op squad’s nefarious purposes.

“He is trying to get a hold of me, to use me as a weapon,” Frye said. “He wants what I’ve got!”