How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: How Did Bonnie Start Working For Annalise

After an explosive episode of How To Get Away With Murder that saw Annalise fire Bonnie for hiding information about Sam, many fans were left wondering about how the pair’s partnership started.

In a recent interview with, showrunner Peter Nowalk discussed how that is a story arc that he would like to explore.

“What I would love to explore in future episodes is how Bonnie came to work for Annalise. It’s very interesting and mysterious, and she owes a lot to Annalise,” Nowalk said. “I will say that. So, the fact that Bonnie tried to step outside the family circle and lie is embarrassing and shameful, and Liza Weil, who plays Bonnie, knew all that gutturally. Her instinct was to make this as painful a confession as she could. To me, it’s like a scene from The Godfather, and Debbie Allen, the way she directed it and the way that Viola and Liza performed it, [they came up with the idea of] Bonnie getting on her hands and knees and begging. It hurts Annalise so much, too. What I love about that fiery moment is it’s not about anger. Annalise is using anger to cover up the fact that she feels so betrayed and distrustful; she only wants to trust the people in her life, and the fact that she now can’t is just devastating to her.”