How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: Wes’ Revelation About His Mother’s Suicide Has Major Implications

A few weeks on, Wes made a major revelation to Rebecca about his mother’s suicide and that was a tidbit of information that will have major implications on the show’s direction.

The show’s creator, Peter Nowalk, said that viewers should “definitely pay attention to” Wes’ confession in a recent interview with

“That was a big bomb. It was buried in a bunch of information that was not significant, and it explains a lot of Wes’ behavior; it explains that he has a deep sadness, a loneliness. It maybe explains a little of his ‘damsel-in-distress-rescue syndrome,’ too,” Nowalk said “It’s a question: ‘How did [Wes’ mother] kill herself? Why did she kill herself? What happened to Wes after that? And how did that impact who he was?’ What happens to us as children completely determines our psychology and our behavior after that. [That death], basically, blew apart his life.”