The Walking Dead Spoilers: Where Is Father Gabriel Running To?

On Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, Father Gabriel decided to run away from the church and now we know where he is going.

In an interview with EW, Seth Gilliam revealed that it appears Gabriel wants to find some answers for himself.

“I have not actually seen the episode yet so I am not sure what is in and what is not, but he did have some lines where he was going out really to see if what was happening at the school really went down,” Gilliam said. “Have people really reverted to cannibalism? Are they trapping other human beings and eating them? So I think it’s more of an exploratory mission than an escape. And also, for someone who is not going to fight, the other alternative is fleeing, so having a little escape route, whether he is intending to leave for good or not, is just somewhat comforting for him.”

In addition, in the bonus scene from this Sunday’s mid-season finale (that was presented on Talking Dead), Gabriel is seen at the school where he discovers Bob’s discarded foot.