Secret Wars 2015: Three More Series Announced For a Total Of 50! Marvel Comics Marches To Their Own New 52? House Of M Still MIA!

So far, Marvel Comics has announced a whopping 47 tie-in series for Secret Wars 2015 in June and July 2015 along with the cancellation of 33 series. The announcement so far:

July 2015’s net new series grow by another three (3) making it six (6) far and a total of fifty (50) Secret Wars tie-in series in June and July 2015. Marvel seems to be marching to their own New 52 since DC Comics isn’t using that moniker any longer. 😉

The three (3) newly announced July 2015 series and creative teams are below.

The lead is a new Captain Britain, Faiza Hussain (see cover below left). Marvel Comics is doing some nice work developing female Muslim heroines for young girls in that this community can aspire to. Fear not though, you classic Captain Britain fans, Brian Braddock seems to be part of the core Secret Wars series from the main event series Secret Wars #3 variant (below right).

Secret Wars 2015 Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Secret Wars #3 variant with Captain Britain Brian Braddock

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders also includes Hobie Brown. He’s a classic fave of mine as Spider-Man’s foil the Prowler! In the below cover pic it looks like he’s using a Spider-Man motif for his mask and cowl. The other parts of the same align with his classic look.

  • Red Skull written by Joshua Williamson with art by Luca Pizzari.
  • Spider-Island written by Christos Gage with art by Paco Diaz.

Secret Wars 2015 Red Skull Secret Wars 2015 Spider-Island

As of press time, only X-Men: House of M remains from the previously teased series with no creative team announced nor confirmation it’s coming in July 2015 for Secret Wars.

All-New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then House of M

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