WWE Payback 2015 PPV Live Coverage (Rollins vs. Ambrose vs. Reigns vs. Orton) Results, Recaps, Pics & Reactions!

Hello and welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s coverage of WWE Payback 2015!

The crew has a couple different previews up, first the Rasslin Roundtable as well as the young up and coming Trashy Ring Attire #18: David Spain, Mr. SmackDown II

Should be a show filled with 3 solid hours of WWE content, so let’s get to it!

Stardust vs. R-Truth
Commentary was burying Stardust and putting over Cody Rhodes.
Winner: R-Truth

Promo packages, Renee Young and the panel.

Curtis Axel & Damien Man-Down vs. The Ascension
Long entrances for both Axel and Man-dow. The match ended up being a surprisingly win for the Ascension.
Winners: The Ascension


End Kick-off Show

Start of the PPV has the “Don’t Fight the Friction” song and videos and such.

Announcers for the show tonight are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL

Shemaus vs. Dolph Ziggler
Dolph got busted open hardway and was bleeding a lot. Sheamus won clean with a Brogue Kick.
Winner: Sheamus

Backstage Kane and the Authority laugh and stuff.

NXT promo for the WWE Network special on Wednesday

WWE Tag Team Titles
The New Day (c) vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

New Day comes down and cuts a promo running down the Baltimore Orioles. A player is in the crowd – Adam Jones. New Day Sucks chant. Kidd & Cesaro gets the first pin in a couple minutes with a swing/dropkick combo.Xavier Woods wants to join the match under “Freebird Rules” for the second fall. Not allowed, stays as Big E and Kofi. Back and forth, Kofi flies down and gets the second fall for the New Day. Scary spot where Cesaro picked up Big E for a pedigree and kinda dropped him. Finish comes when the ref is distracted, Xavier comes in and rolls up Kidd for the pin. It is ridiculously racist to claim twin magic with Xavier and Kofi.
Winners: New Day

Elimination Chamber promo.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt
Back and forth brawl. They got out of each other’s finishers. Finish sees Bray undo the top turnbuckle pad. Ryback kinda touches it and sells huge. Bray hits Sister Abigail for the pin.
Winner: Wyatt


US Title – I Quit Match
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev w/Lana

Rusev makes Lana sit in a chair to the side. This turns into a crazy brawl. They go to the floor and through the crowd. Speak through the barrier. Ref keeps asking both if they want to quit. Rusev uses the STEEEEEL security barricade. Cena won’t quit. Move back into the ring. Rusev doing some crazy screams. Rusev locks in the Accolade. Ref asks Cena. However, Cena is passed out. Rusev drops Cena and celebrates. Lana smiles and claps from her chair. Ref tells Rusev that Cena didn’t say it. Rusev removes the top turnbuckle pad, then unscrews the top rope. Then Rusev gets a bottle of water and pours it on Cena to revive him. Rusev grabs the top rope and goes for Cena, but Cena tackles him and locks in the STF using the rope to choke Rusev. He won’t quit and rambles in Russian. Lana comes in and quits on his behalf.
Winner: Cena

Promos and such

Backstage the New Day does a three way toast with glasses of milk. Byron Saxton comes over for an interview. The New Day will be defending the titles in an Elimination Chamber match! They are shocked.

The Bella Twins vs. Tamina & Naomi
Bellas got a face reaction. Back and forth short match. Heels pick up the win.
Winners: Tamina & Naomi

Daniel Bryan promo

King Barrett vs. Neville
Match went on about 8 minutes before Barrett got himself counted out. Weak.
Winner: Neville

After the match Barrett attacked Neville, then got his King gear. Neville made his own comeback and took out Barrett and hit the Red Arrow. What a weird segment/match.

Tough Enough promos.

Kane goes up to Rollins backstage and wishes him luck.

Promo videos

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

Randy is sent to the floor early and it becomes two on one. Roman and Dean working together. Kane finally interferes and pulls Roman out of the ring. Matches continues. Brawling moves to the floor. Reigns and Ambrose work with Seth to put Randy through the announce table with a triple powerbomb. Crowd goes crazy. Seth acts all happy but Reigns and Ambrose attack him. Kane interferes but they overpower both with powerbombs on the table. Crowd is super hot. Reigns and Ambrose agree to go into the ring and go at it. Reigns with a cool powerbomb on Dean for 2. Roman smiles. Dean rolls up Reigns for 2. Roman back up and Superman punch for 2. Back and forth. Spear by Roman on Dean. Cover but Seth comes in out of no where to break it up. Three way Shield brawling. Dean covers Seth after Dirty Deeds but Kane pulls him out. On the floor Roman goes for a Superman punch on Kane but Kane uses the STEEEEEEEEL stairs. Chokeslam by Kane on Reigns on the stairs. Randy pops up out of no where and knocks down Kane. RKO on J&J in the ring. Seth off the top but Randy catches him with powerslam. DDT. Randy is fired up. Kane runs in, RKO on Kane. Seth kicks Orton then hits a PEDIGREE for the pin.
Winner: Rollins

HHH comes down in a blue suit and smiles at Rollins. Helps him to the back.

Pretty boring event but a hot main event. They should associate Roman and Dean permanently a la Sting and Luger.

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