Vince Russo Makes Excuses For Why TNA Booking Was Poor in Final Spike TV Years


Vince Russo talked about booking in TNA, here are some highlights

on TNA Tapings:
A lot of times I wrote maybe 10, 12, 15 pre-tapes or backstage vignettes that they needed to shoot at the building. Since Dixie Carter wanted to keep it the big secret, I wasn’t allowed to go to TVs. I wasn’t allowed to make sure all of these pretapes got shot

on excuses why his booking was bad in TNA:
They would come back from TV and half of these pre-tapes and vignettes I had wrote were not shot. Why? Because they were too damn lazy. They wanted to show up at the building at 10 o’clock, and wanted to eat as soon as the show was over

on why booking was bad at the end on Spike when he was consulting:
They didn’t want to show up early or stay late to get everything that was written. Therefore, that’s why at the end of the Spike run when I was consulting, you saw a TNA product that was not up to par

Vince Russo’s Nuclear Heat: Why He Chose Not To Book Wrestling, His TNA Consultant Role

On this edition of Vince Russo’s Nuclear Heat, the former WWE, WCW and TNA writer discusses why he chose not to book professional wrestling, and how he worked at a secret consultant for TNA.

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