Sexy Star Releases More Details on Her Departure from Professional Wrestling

Sexy Star LU S2E15

This past weekend, Sexy Star appeared at a boxing event in Mexico alongside her husband, Jhonny González, and announced her transition from lucha libre to boxing. She has also been updating her Facebook page over the course of the weekend.

This morning, however, the retired luchadora released a statement on her social media addressing the news of her departure from wrestling that has been circulating across the web. In the statement, Sexy Star thanks her fans for the love and support, and that she will be managing her own social media from here on and posting exclusive content. She also confirms her new beginning as a boxer and that González will be her trainer.

You can check out her statement below!

We will definitely be seeing more of Sexy Star as a wrestler on Lucha Underground‘s annual season finales, Ultima Lucha Dos, over the next few weeks, as well as on LU Season 3. It’s not goodbye yet!

You can also follow Sexy Star on Facebook, which contains more links to her other social media profiles, and follow her progress as a boxer.

Image source: Lucha Underground & El Rey Network

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