WWE Raw Recap for 9/12/16 (Roman vs. Owens)

Recap of last week’s show starts things off. Mick is mid-ring in a Christmas shirt in September and congratulates  SD for having Backlash and crowning Becky Lynch as the SD Women’s Champion, but Raw is still the best with the Raw Women’s Champion. The Divas and Womens Titles are now just being referred to as the Raw Women’s Title. According to Mick, the roster with Dana Brooke is THE BEST IN WOMEN’S WRESTLING IN THE WORLD. After one recap of last week, we get another with the Sasha-Charlotte stuff. Charlotte is mean to Dana and says she can’t think for herself and blames Dana for her loss to Sasha. Mick says that every Raw title is on the line at COC, leading to Sasha coming out. Sasha cuts a really cocky heel promo here. Then Bayley comes out and timidly asks for a title shot because she beat the champion. Sasha tells Bayley to get in the back of the line, furthering the idea that she’s a heel and then. Everyone except Bayley bickers for seemingly centuries. Dana wants a best of seven series to determine who faces Charlotte, Charlotte is pissed, and Dana slaps her to add herself to the Sasha vs. Bayley match tonight to see who faces Dana.


Charlotte joins the commentary team not watching the ring. Dana takes control early, but Sasha slaps her down for 2. Sasha hits a ridiculous double knees to the gut with Dana holding the rope on the middle rope, but then Bayley leaves underneath her. Tower of Doom superplex gets 2 on Dana. Bayley prevents a tap off the crossface, but then Sasha breaks up her pin after the Bayley to belly with a cradle that pins her own shoulders down as well.

Dana apologizes to Charlotte, who tells her to get her bags. The Shining Stars sell a timeshare to R-Truth. Cass and Enzo mock the Stars for their scam. Owens puts over his mentor HHH. Jericho and his amazing hair complain about how Mick took Owens out of the Highlight Reel, but he’ll have Sami on instead. Bo Dallas comes out for a commercial break, I’m sure leading to many flipping to anything else on TV. Bo says only he can Bo-lieve in Bo. Good to know. LOL @ “Let’s go Jobber”. Bo wins and his opponent gets the only chant of the match.


Jericho insults Sami and Sami wonders if the old Jericho is still around. Jericho is a former six-time World champion and now he’s just KO’s bitch. Jericho cheapshots him and hits a Codebreaker. Cesaro’s out first, followed by Sheeamus and an inset promo saying that Cesaro’s win was a fluke. Not really much to the match. They worked on the back a bit, and Cesaro won after cheating by holding the ropes and everyone is okay with this because you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Ugh.

Seth meets with Mick and insults him before Mick gets fired up when Seth questions his integrity. Recap of Alicia tossing a box at Nia last week, and Nia comes out to face this crazy person. Fox boots her on the floor, but gets backed into the post, tossed around the barricades, and speared through the timekeeper’s area. Cole puts Fox over as “one of the most accomplished competitors in the history of the women’s division”. Jesus. That’s just off of one cup of coffee reign as Divas Champion. Nia came off so great here.


New Day feeds cereal to fans and mocks the Club for being unentertaining. “DON’T TOUCH OUR THING!”  WWE TV now apologizes for being a waste of your time while also wasting your time. The Club comes out and says they’ll take the belts – and the Club vs. New Day is up next non-title. The story of the match is that the Club is going back to the their roots and the commentators bring up their downfall coming at trying to be “entertaining” and failing – so they’re going to go back to kicking ass and taking titles. Magic Killer wins the match.

CWC Finale is hyped up and they announce that the winner will be the CWC Champion – and then Cole says the winner will be cruiserweight champion. Jinder is announced as the man who comes in peace, and also comes out to dead silence. Jinder cuts a promo and Jack Swagger must hate peace, because he interrupts him. They have a boring match with long armbars and chinlocks. Mahal hits a Regal cutter and wins his second match on Raw ever. Enzo and Cass walk backstage to come out next.


Backstage, Jack Swagger breathes heavily next to Tom Phillips as ya do. Enzo and Cass come out and insult the Shining Stars before their match. Epico faces Enzo. They have a nothing match and Primo holds Enzo’s foot down to cost him the match. Backstage, Kevin Owens is an asshole to Seth Rollins and points out his shortcomings while Mick tells him to not come out. Roman and Owens come out and a Rock ad airs for the Network.

Owens dominates and talks trash. “YOU’RE THE GUY!? REALLY!? THAT’S NICE!” Owens dominates and mocks the Roman sucks chants saying ‘yeah, ya do suck!” Seth comes out and beats up Owens – so Owens wins via DQ, so Roman’s out of the title match. Mick tells Seth he will talk to him and says it won’t end like this, so he restarts it. Super spinning fisherman buster and a frog splash gets 2 for KO. Owens cocks the fist, but the cannonball misses. A superman punch is met with a knee, but Roman recovers and hits it for 2! Owens eats the Backlund lift bomb for 2. Rusev distracts Roman, leading to a pop-up powerbomb win for Owens! Rusev takes Roman out with the high kick and stands over Roman.

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