UPDATED [More Pics]: DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Titans #4 & Teen Titans #1 With DC Rebirth’s Wally West The Flash, Wally West Kid Flash & Batman’s Son, Damian Wayne, Robin!

I originally reviewed Flash #9, Titans #4 and Teen Titans #1 as all three books featured at least one Wally West with Flash #9 featuring both! For those three reviews with spoilers, anchored by a comprehensive Flash #9 DC Comics Rebirth feature, visit here.


I’ve decided also to expand on my DC Comics Rebirth review and spoilers for Teen Titans #1 and Titans #4 as per the below!

DC Comics Rebirth Teen Titans #1 spoilers and review follow.

Damian Wayne, Son of Batman, Robin and his pet Manbat Goliath have captured select teen heroes from DC Rebirth to form a new Teen Titans?


He dares them to join him as DC Rebirth’s new Teen Titans.


So, why do the captured soon-to-be Teen Titans decide to help their captor, Damian Wayne / Robin and his sidekick Manbat Goliath? While Starfire establishes that she can beat Damian, the team decides to help Robin as it seems he and they are being targeted for elimination by Ra’s Al Ghul and his League of Assassins!


Ra’s Al Ghul wants Damian Wayne / Robin back in the League of Assassins and he won’t take no for an answer. To make his point, his gift to Damian Wayne on his 13th birthday is a… dead robin in a box.


Ra’s pulls together an interesting team to take on Damian Wayne and his Teen Titans!


Can you name them all?


DC Comics Rebirth Titans #4 spoilers and review follow.

Kadabra has captured Linda Park and explains to her what his plans are for the older pre-Flashpoint Wally West, currently DC Rebirth’s second Flash and core member of the Titans. Kadabra wants to distress Wally and make him go so fast that he reenters the Speed Force never to be head from again; without Linda Park Wally West as a beacon he believes Wally won’t be able to return.


Kadabra knows that Wally West will stop and thoroughly defeat him the future…


…so he wants to rewrite his own history which is the future of DC Rebirth!


The Titans, in the meantime, are battling their young Silver Aged selves again and lose! Which puts Kadabra in a position to have Wally West as the Flahs to decide who to save.

His Titans friends…




…or his love Linda Park! Is Wally West fast enough to save them all?


As I included Flash #9 in my first omnibus rating review this week, the below still applies to that issue and Titans #4 and Teen Titans #1:

  • Three very entertaining action-packed issues. Solid stories and perhaps too stylized art styles if you’re picking up all three issues for your Wallys fix.
  • I’ll give all three together and individually 7 out of 10.

What did you think of this past Wally Wests week for DC Comics Rebirth?

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