DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #4 Reveals Trapped Legion Of Superheroes Heroine Plus Maxwell Lord Betrays!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #4.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4 opens with Maxwell Lord’s team of villains – who are incidentally the very first iteration on the Suicide Squad explain why they have such a hate on for Amanda Waller – versus the combined might of the Justice League and Suicide Squad.

Johnny Sorry conjures the demons of the King of Tears to take on… everybody!

At the same time, Maxwell Lord betrays his team to go after his real prize.

The battle between the Justice League and Suicide Squad versus Maxwell Lord’s leads to some interesting and some improbable match-ups. Like Batman, Amanda Waller and Deadshot vs. Lobo.

In the battle with the Emerald Empress and the Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, as she is defeated, she reveals the identity of trapped Legion of Superheroes heroine stuck in this time from DC Universe Rebirth #1.

It’s Saturn Girl!

And, we know from Batman #9 that she is Arkham Asylum currently!

Anyhow, another interesting match up is Johnny Sorrow vs. Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. While Wonder Woman can’t look at Johnny Sorrow’s true face or she’ll go crazy, Harley Quinn is immune! Wow.

They vanquish Sorrow and his King of Tears hords by… having Sorrow see his reflection in Wonder Woman’s bracelets. And…. WW and Harley Quinn are now besties?

Oh, also, Batman puts one of Amanda Waller’s brain bombs in Lobo to… slow him down since…

…he’ll eventually regenerate.

As the Justice League and Suicide Squad race to Maxwell Lord, and Killer Frost who he is mind controlling, Amanda Waller reveals the weapon he is after.

The Heart of Darkness…

…Eclipso’s black diamond to enhance Max’s own mind control powers!

So, why were Maxwell Lord and his villains on that tropical island last issue? I thought they were after the diamond there and were going to free Eclipso in this issue. Nope. But, Eclipso is coming….

…per the teaser ad.


Another interesting and action-packed issue by Josh Williamson. Fernando Pasarin joins this issue on art. I enjoyed the story and am curious how Eclipso enters the fray and the eventual Maxwell Lord vs. everybody match-up to come. The art was ok, but not as dynamic as the styles of the other pencillers who have worked on each issue of this mini-series. For that reason, this book gets a 7.5 out of 10 instead of something higher.

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