Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: 4 Thors As Generations Looms Mid Secret Empire! Marvel Legacy #1 One-Shot News & Mighty Thor #20 Unmasks Ultimate War Thor!

Marvel Comics and Marvel Legacy Spoilers for Mighty Thor #20 and more follow!

Along with the Top 10 Marvel Legacy returns / debuts announced today by Marvel Comics (full spoilers here) we have big news for fans of Thor.

The Ultimate Thor from the Ultimate Universe is as dead as his universe, but his enchanted hammer resides now in Marvel’s Prime Earth.

The Mighty Thor #20’s summary pages sets the table for the reveal of…

…a classic Thor character becoming the War Thor wielding the Ultimate Thor’s hammer. Hooray….


You may remember him as a member of the Asgardian Warriors Three with Hogun and Fandral.

The letters page includes concept art for Volstagg as the War Thor with Ultimate Thor’s hammer.

The cover to Mighty Thor #21 has the Mighty Thor (Jane Foster), the Unworthy Thor (Odinson) and the War Thor (Volstagg).

When Generations hits, as an event in the middle of the Secret Empire event, an earlir incarnations of the Odinson returns with his classic costume teaming up with modern day Jane Foster Thor…

…and it looks like that classic time-displaced (?) will be the Odinson Thor in Marvel Legacy?

That’s 4 Thors in modern day Marvel Legacy in the post Secret Empire era.

Check out the other 2 covers to Marvel Legacy #1 with the classic Thor front and center.

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