Marvel Comics Universe & October 2019 Solicitations Spoilers: Dawn Of X Follows House Of X Finale As X-Men Reboot Ends & A New Era Begins?!

Marvel Comics Universe and October 2019 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Dawn Of X Follows House Of X Finale As X-Men Reboot Ends and A New Era Begins?!

EW revealed the cover to House of X #6 (of 6) finale following…

…the earlier reveal of Powers of X #6 (of 6).

Plus EW has some solicitations and premise teases from the writer Jonathan Hickman.

      “You don’t want to do archaeology or nostalgia tropes. My job is to do new stuff with it, and launch us into a newer age of X-Men…”

      …”House of X (illustrated by Pepe Larraz) and Powers of X (illustrated by R.B. Silva). According to Hickman, the former is set in the present, ‘inside the most pivotal period of time in the Marvel Universe,’ while Powers of X looks at ‘mutants throughout the history of the Marvel Universe.'”

      “This is something I’ve been writing and rewriting in my head since I was a kid. I’ve been in the kitchen for a long time with it. I get the ingredients, I get what makes a good meal.”

      “I have some general philosophies on what kind of work you should do at Marvel, that I try and adhere to. I think the stories should be big. Any time you can mine your continuity and the existing continuity of the company in a way that evokes a response from audience and not confusion, that’s powerful, and you’re crazy not to utilize it when you’re writing these books. The cardinal rule beyond that is at the end of the day, after you’ve torn up the playroom and scattered all the toys, you put everything all back on the shelf. Don’t be an a—hole and leave a mess.”

      “You want to tell stories that matter, but the way you write things that matter in Marvel is that you’re not destructive, you’re additive. Yes, I may do things where I destroy the entire Marvel Universe, but I always put it back together, and in putting it together you add to it in a way that puts the characters in an interesting place and you haven’t ruined anybody else’s job.”

      “I think one of the big mistakes that some people make at Marvel Comics is that we are reactive to what they’re doing in the Marvel films. We should not be taking our creative cues from the direction they’re taking things in the movies. That kind of defeats the point. They have a billion dollars to play with, and we don’t. You can’t compete in that matter, and you shouldn’t. My argument has been [that] I should always be way out in front of that stuff. All of that stuff is being drawn from source material. It goes back to, are you being destructive or are you being additive? If you’re being additive and you’re on the big books, it’s inevitable that some of that stuff is going to get used. When Marvel films gets around to the X-Men and we’ve done interesting stuff and they want to use it, that’s awesome. If they don’t, then they don’t. One makes your job expendable, the other one makes you priceless. I like having value to my work.”

House of X #1 (of 6) arrives on shelves on July 24, 2019.

Powers of X #1 (of 6) lands in shoppes on July 31, 2019.

Should be an interesting few weeks, but what is Dawn of X that follows these two series?

Stay tuned.

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