WWE Raw 10-14-19 Recap – Draft Night 2

A Hell in a Cell PPV recap airs before Becky comes out to face Charlotte, as a replacement for Sasha. The winner of this Raw vs. SD match, just like SD, has a brand advantage for the draft. Charlotte dominates with Madison Rayne’s facebuster before wooing and locking on a figure four necklock. Charlotte gets a big spear for 2 that drives Charlotte batty, so Becky takes advantage and gets a crucifix with a deep cradle to win. Seth cuts a promo about burning the funhouse down. Seth is drafted to Raw, while SD gets Brock Lesnar. Shocking picks, although Steph calls him BROCK LEDNAR! Charlotte’s going to Raw, while SD gets The New Day and Raw gets Andrade and Zelina Vega.

Andrade’s out to face Ali, who eats a rana from Zelina and then loses to the hammerlock DDT. The second round features Raw getting Asuka and Kairi, who can only shift brands while they are champions. SD keeps Daniel Bryan, which is treated like Raw losing him despite that not being the case. Raw gets Rusev, while Bayley stays on SD, and Raw gets Aleister Black. The Viking Raiders come out for the tag title match before we get a Weekend Update parody on Braun. Dolph works as a great foil for Rose’s offense and he bumps like a champ for both guys. Hanson hits the handspring double elbow before the Viking Experience ends it. Backstage, they talk about being unbeaten champions and the first team to be the Ring of Honor, IWGP, NXT, and Raw Tag Team Champions. ROH getting namedropped like that was a bit of a surprise and it’s really weird to bring up their past on-air and then just give them their goofy main roster names.

The third round features Raw getting Cedric Alexander, while Nakamura stays on SD. Humberto Carrillo is coming to Raw and he will have a lot of work to do while SD gets the HARBINGER OF LIGHT ALI. Yeah that nickname needs to not be a thing. Rowan is coming to Raw. Aleister Black comes out with Dio bringing up Castlevania while Eric Young is here to put him over. Eric’s gear has somehow regressed to basic purple trunks and green text. EY taps to the Dark Ritual modified dragon sleeper, showing that EY has new tats to help both his arms have sleeves on them. SD gets Roode and Dolph, while Raw gets Jinder Mahal. Carmella stays on SD, and Raw gets Truth – so his duo with her is broken up…despite the title being on the line 24/7 everywhere.

Backstage, the Street Profits talk about Raw’s picks before the OC beats them up in the metal pipe district. Ricochet’s out to face Shelton in another enhancement talent spectacular. Shelton hits a super belly to belly, but Ricochet lands on his feet and wins with the Recoil.  At a hotel, Lana gets a massage before Lashley takes over. Tyson Fury and Braun have a contract signing with Lawler. Braun smashes the table and Tyson breaks a pen. Riveting. Raw gets Samoa Joe, while SD gets The Miz. The Fox execs dance around and toss confetti while Tozawa is coming to Raw and Corbin is staying on SD, while Raw gets Shelton Benjamin.

Cedric and Murphy have a fast forwarded version of their usual 205 match, only with more silence as Murphy wins with Murphy’s Law. Rey goes to Raw while SD gets Shorty Gable, which Dio says is proof that he’s taking ownership of insults. Titus O’Neil gets drafted in 2019 to Raw, while SD gets Elias, who gets no accomplishments on his graphic and Raw gets Liv Morgan. Dio says that in the NFL this is an irrelivent pick. The Kabuki Warriors face Nattie and her new partner – Lacey Evans. Kabuki Warriors win after destroying Nattie’s arm and cradling Lacey when the KO punch hits Kairi after a tag and she falls like a tree. Seth goes to the funhouse and burns it down. Well he’s kind of a prick now isn’t he? This was not a great show and like SD, the flow of any kind of in-ring action was ruined by the phony-looking draft setup.


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