South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season - Blu-ray Review

The most frustrating thing about this release is that "201" is still presented edited as it did the one and only time it was aired on Comedy Central. »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament - Final Four Voting Begins

The Elite 8 round voting has ended and we now have our Final Four! This was actually the first round where there were NO upsets. But there still some close matchups. In the end, though, we are down to three #1 seeds and one unranked character. That s »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament - Elite 8 Round Voting Begins

The fourth round voting has ended and there was really only one "upset" as only 1 unranked character defeated a ranked character, but many probably wouldn't call it an upset at all. Overall 5 of the final 8 characters are one of the 16 top national s »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament - Sweet 16 Round Voting Begins

The third round voting has ended and two more overall top seeds went down this round. That means of the final 16 characters left, only 8 of them were among the top 16 overall seeds. Three of the #1 seeds are still alive, two of the #3 and #4 seeds ar »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Third Round Voting Begins

The second round voting has ended and there were plenty of upsets from this round. Five of the top 16 seeds went down in the second round. Not only did the overall #12, #11, #8, #6 seeds all lose, but so did one of the #1 seeds and overall #4 seed, S »»

Revelations giveaway

On South Park nobody looms larger than pituitary gland-challenged Eric Cartman. He's been compared to Archie Bunker, and he is someone who will go to great lengths just to get what he wants. To coincide with the new season of SP that is sure to offend just about everyone, Paramount Home Entertainment has released a collection of twelve episodes of Cartman at his, er, best. Or is it worst? Nevertheless, just keep on reading and see how you can join Cartman's Cult. »»

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