Demythify: A Debt I Owe Peter David & How To Help Him Rehab In Peace (Young Justice, X-Factor, Star Trek)

My literary journey with Peter David & how we can help him recover from his stroke with peace of mind. »»

Marvel NOW! Review: A+X #1 by Dan Slott and Jeph Loeb

First they fought, now they're teaming up, how is Marvel's newest X-Men and Avengers title? »»

Two Guys Talking About The Announced Marvel NOW! Creative Teams

Running down everything we know thus far, like only we can. »»

Marvel NOW!: Marvel Teases Creative Team For Hulk

The Indestructible Hulk? »»

Two Guys Talking About Comics: Marvel NOW! Creative Ideas

Ten books we'd like to see in Marvel NOW! »»

Incredible Hulk Spoilers: How Did Hulk And Banner Split?

What force of the Marvel universe was powerful enough to finally split the two? »»

The Weekly Round-Up #99 With Spaceman, Abe Sapien, Captain Swing, DMZ, Walking Dead & More

Plus Red Wing, All Star Western, Flash, Fury of Firestorm, Incredible Hulk, Journey into Mystery, Justice League Dark, Secret Avengers, Spider-Island & even more. »»

Review: Incredible Hulk #1 By Jason Aaron & Mark Silvestri

So, my editor says to me, "Give Hulk a go, I haven't seen you tackle Marvel yet." I thought about throwing a big diva tantrum, but that's on the checklist for becoming a one-hit wonder, not being a comic book reviewer. (Bonus points if you get the re »»

Were Money No Object - The Post-San Diego Edition

James takes a look at titles announced at San Diego. »»

Weekly Round-Up #49 with Chew, American Vampire, BPRD, Batman, Spider-Man, & more

Plus Halycon, I Zombie, Hulk, Birds of Prey and even more! »»

10 Thoughts on Incredible Hulks #614 by Greg Pak and Barry Kitson (Review)

Incredible Hulks #614 Written by Greg Pak Art by Barry Kitson 1. The Hulk squad battles with Steve Rogers' Secret Avengers as they try t be the one to go face Hulk's incredibly powerful "Dark Son." 2.  Apparently, Dark Son, Hiro- Kal »»

And the Hulk's just keep in coming with Incredible Hulks: Dark Son Storyline by Greg Pak

Fall of the Hulks ended, right? Did World War Hulks? Because they've already announced Incredible Hulks: Dark Son. Now, I was under the impression that Hulk's son was Skaar, the infamous Son of Hulk, but apparently my non-knowledgability in all thin »»

Joss Whedon In Final Talks to Direct Avengers

Risky move for Marvel Studios could pay off big »»

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