New NWA World Champion‏

The following press release was sent out by the NWA... Mexico City, MX (October 25, 2008) – Centro Banamex Convention Center was a history making site as it hosted the NWAâ„¢ Worlds Heavyweight Championship match featuring Adam Pe »»

DVD Review - Lucha Libre: Life Behind the Mask

Filmmaker Rich Walton gives us a peek at the everyday life of a luchador. »»

Bones Barkley's DVD Review: Lucha Libre - Life Behind The Mask

There are two kinds of people who will watch this film. Those who know. And those who don't know. Those who know already know what this 70 minute film is going to present them and will probably want to skip it because it's not going to pr »»

Konnan/TNA Lawsuit Update

Mike Johnson at has posted an update on Konnan's lawsuit vs. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. According to Johnson, Konnan's claim of trademark infringement (for the LAX name) was dismissed with prejudice, but the other aspects of the c »»

Wrestling Death, Mexican Injuries and Former WWE Star in MMA

Ron "The Golden Gladiator" Hil passed away this morning at 73 years old following complications from hip replacement surgery. He was Kevin Sullivan's original trainer. Our condolences go out to his loved ones. »»

News on Austin, Carlito, WWE Board & More

Steve Austin has signed a deal with Insight Film Studios to star in an action move. »»

Pulse Wrestling Podcast Exclusive - Interview with Adam Pearce

This is the first of many podcasts featuring the stars of Ring of Honor. The first installment, split up into three convenient chunks is with former NWA World Heavyweight champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce. If you like what you hear, Adam Pearce doe »»

Missing Links on Elijah Burke Accident, Hulk Hogan, Alex Shelley, Kurt Angle's Reality Show & More

His Web site is currently down, but according to, Elijah Burke posted that he was hit by a car while out running. We of course hope that he gets well soon. UPDATE (7/30/08): PWInsider reported Wednesday morning that the accident never happened and Burke's site actually got hacked. »»

Missing Links on DiBiase, Jericho, GAB, Sandman, TNA & More

According to, Sandman's still in jail.'s Popwatch blog includes a post from a writer who took her son to the Great American Bash. Good read. is reporting that TNA creative team member Dutch Mantell has be »»

WWE & TNA News Updates

From the files marked ‘Let’s Make Jim Ross Cry’, there is a lot of internal discussion in WWE about Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler not working well together on Raw, with a lot of people wanting to put the announce teams back the way they were. »»

The Reality of Wrestling: New Guard Rising

Pro Wrestling's version of a makeover »»

TNA News on CMLL, Trigg & Angle

TNA is sending A.J. Styles, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and either Curry Man or Johnny Devine to the CMLL show in Arena Mexico on 25 July. This is a one-date deal that is part of the agreement for the Mexican talent working the World X Cup. »»

WWE News on MMA, Mysterio, Dibiase

WWE has taken an active stance against MMA, even though Vince McMahon at least outwardly maintains that they are not in competition. When running shows in any given arena WWE has, ever since the territorial wars of the '80s, made the arenas sign an »»

Great-ing Gimmicks of the Present: TNA's World X-Cup Tournament

With TNA starting up the X-Cup tournament this week on Impact, I thought we could take a quick look at the members of the three foreign teams that might not be as well known as those on Team USA. »»

Cult of ROH: Eddie Kingston is Finally Here Redux

After years of fans demanding it and personal problems putting him on hiatus, Eddie Kingston is in Ring of Honor. Though he technically debuted at Death Before Dishonor 4 in the Cage of Death, that was the end of the CZW feud and Kingston didn't roll over into a regular role. Saturday was his first singles match, and while some sources report he isn't booked as a regular, his feud with the remnants of the Vulture Squad is far from over. This is it: Kingston is in ROH. »»

Night of 1000 Masks

Throughout junior high and highschool, I was a bit of a closeted WWF fan. When one is in advanced classes and making good grades, one is expected not to partake in that ballet of the proletariat we call pro-wrestling. Professional wrestling pretty much is every bad thing that's ever been said about it. It's violent, goofy, dangerous, misogynist, trashy, and silly. And c'mon; it's fake. »»

Ron Killings to WWE Update

Ron Killings recently pulled out of his remaining dates for AAA in Mexico, telling the promotion that WWE asked him to do so, reports Jason Powell at »»

TNA News on Mistico, Lashley, Nash & More

Mistico has contacted TNA about coming in to work for them, probably as an occasional attraction owing to his Mexican commitments. Talks may hit a snag if TNA does change to taping Impact every Thursday and Friday, since then Mistico would be missing out on the big Friday shows in Mexico. TNA wants to get a major Mexican babyface onto the roster in light of how well Rey Mysterio has drawn the Hispanic audience to Smackdown. »»

Missing Links on the 'Many Faces of Helms' & More

Some rasslin' news & notes from around the Interwebs... »»

Historically Speaking: The Year That Was

“History makes some people feel good and other people feel bad.” - Joyce King The Opening Chapter It’s so cliché. Every entertainment medium, whether be magazine, television, Internet, music, movies, whatever, they’r »»

Christmas WWE & TNA News on Bob Sapp, Mistico & More

Montel Vontavious Porter and Rey Mysterio have been trying to get Norman Smiley hired as a wrestler or road agent. Smiley was one of the people who helped MVP get started early in his career. The Boogeyman is now being used sparingly as WWE feels »»

Health Updates on Lex Luger & Judas Mesias

To follow up on yesterday's story that Lex Luger suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, Rob Serita, who is apparently marketing director of this weekend's WrestleFanFest in San Francisco where Luger was scheduled to appear, posted the following on t »»

Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: A Lucha Primer

Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: A Lucha Primer I've been doing the Lucharan! column for a little over a year now, and I just realized that a lot of you may be wondering just how lucha works. After all, if you see it on television, it's in Spanish »»

Angle vs. Jarrett, Backstage

An internal power struggle is developing in TNA between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. Although Jarrett is the part-owner, Angle has been making it clear that he wants to co-run TNA with Dixie Carter in the future. Kurt and Karen are friends with Car »»

CMLL Anniversary Show Results

Here are the quick results from last night's CMLL anniversary: Metalico/Stuka Jr./Valiente over Euforia/Loco Max/Nosferatu Dark Angel/Luna Magica/Marcela over Amapola/Hiroka/Princesa Sujei La Mascara/Ultimo Dragon/Volador Jr. over Misterioso »»

Mistico Injured Again is reporting that Mistico was injured last night. While wrestling against Efesto, he headed to the top rope to hit a spinning head scissors. He slipped, fell off the ropes, and landed on his head, apparently knocking himself o »»

Clark's Corner: Steroids & Wrestling

If you are a fan of wrestling and have never suspected that there is a steroid problem within the business, then you're a fool. Who amongst us haven't been watching a wrestling program—any program—and seen a wrestler »»

Missing Links on Hogan, Trish, Benoit & More

A dozen late-night links: - 1950s wrestling star, and regular opponent of Buddy Rogers, Bill Darnell died on September 7, according to SLAM! Wrestling. He was 81 and died in his Maple Shade, NJ, home. - Konnan was interviewed by Wrestling-N »»

Health Update on Konnan

Konnan's body had been rejecting his new kidney, but according to Dave Meltzer at, the anti-rejection medication he has been taking "seem to be turning the corner" and he may be able to leave the hospital in a few days. We wis »»

Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: WWF Super Astros

Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: Los Super Astros – WWF, 1998-1999 History In 1998, despite its other problems, WCW had one area of the company that was shining brightly. That was the cruiserweight division. Through partnerships »»

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