Mick Foley's WWE Superstars #2 Hits Stands With Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan & Last CM Punk WWE Appearance?

CM Punk's final appearance in WWE may not be what you expected? »»

Guys and Divas #3: After the Stampede (Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Tamina Snuka, WCW Monday Nitro)

In his third installment, Jeff celebrates the new WWE Tag Team Champions, speculates about the future of a multi-generational Diva and looks back at the night where his love of wrestling began. Don't miss it! »»

WWE Superstars Report 9.20.2012 (Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase, The Usos)

David Otunga continues to suck, Drew tries to show an emotion other than disdain, & The Usos & P.T.P.s battle for the umptemth time. »»

WWE Superstars Report 09.13.2012 (Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder, Natalya, Justin Gabriel)

In the main event Cody Rhodes takes on Long Island Iced-Z. There's also a divas' match that last longer than a minute. I'm as shocked as you are. »»

WWE Superstars Report 8-30-2012 (The Usos, Alex Riley, Jinder Mahal, Ryback)

The Usos battle Primo & Epico. Mahal and Riley face oh. Ryback also "competes." Can you sense my excitement? »»

WWE Superstars Report 8.23.2012 (Damian Sandow, Drew McIntryre, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel)

It's the day of rematches as Drew takes on Alex and Rhodes battles Gabriel. Oh and Sandow calls people stupid for the umptenth time. »»

WWE Superstars Report 08.16.2012 (The Usos, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Damien Sandow)

The Usos take on the new team of Curtis & McGillicutty. Damien Sandow competes in a match that last more than 3 minutes. Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are. Maybe more. »»

Mattel WWE Basic Series 25 Line-Up Revealed

Mattel has released the line-up for WWE Basic Series 25: -Big Show -Brock Lesner -David Otunga -Eve -The Miz -Randy Orton PK's Pulse: ANOTHER RANDY ORTON?!? OK, now that's out of my system. Brock is the heavy hitter of this set, and since »»

WWE Superstars Report 7.26.2012 (Zack Ryder, Drew McIntyre, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd)

It's a night full of rematches as Sin Cara battles Drew & Zack takes on McGillicutty . »»

WWE Superstars Report 7.12.2012 (Justin Gabriel, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Alex Riley)

On this episode Hunico & Gabriel continue their rivalry and there is a tag-team divas match that last longer than 2 minutes. Oh and Riley does...stuff. »»

WWE Superstars Report 6.21.2012 (Zack Ryder, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd)

Ahmed 2.0 takes on Hunico, Tyson & Gabriel battle Hawkins & Reks, and Drew wonders if Chippendales is still hiring. »»

WWE Superstars Report 6.14.2012 (Zack Ryder, Michael McGillicutty, Hunico, Justin Gabriel)

Zack takes on Not. Mr. Perfect's son, Hunico and Gabriel impress the hell out of me and I try not to suck at writing. »»

AJ Lee Scores First WWE 'Title' During WrestleMania Weekend

As part of WrestleMania Axxess weekend, WWE had their annual THQ Superstar Challenge where WWE superstars and Divas competed in a 16-person video game tournament to find out who has the fastest fingers in the company. This year's winner was none othe »»

First Look of Mattel WWE Basic Series 18 (Superstars Wave 6) & Battle Packs Series 4

Check out the gallery below for the new images of Basic & Battle Packs from Mattel. Superstars Wave 6 (Basic 18) -CM Punk -Kelly Kelly -Sin Cara -Sin Cara Black (Hunico) -Cody Rhodes -John Cena Battle Packs Series 4 -Christian vs. Randy »»

WWE Mattel Battle Packs Series 4 and Basic SuperStars Wave 6 Line-ups Revealed

The line-ups for Battle Packs Series 4 and Basic SuperStars Wave 6 have been released. Battle Packs Series 4: -David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty -Randy Orton & Christian -Alberto del Rio & Big Show Basic SuperStars Wave 6: -CM »»

InsidePulse Wrestling's WWE Superstars Report 1.19.12

InsidePulse Wrestling's WWE SuperStars Report Announcers: Josh Matthews & Matt Striker/Scott Stanford Report by: PK Natalya vs. Tamina Back and forth action to start. The match already has more time then the last 2 SD matches combined. Nattie »»

InsidePulse Wrestling's WWE Superstars Report 1.12.12

InsidePulse Wrestling's WWE SuperStars Report Announcers: Scott Stanford, Josh Matthews & Matt Striker Report by: PK Wade Barrett vs. Yoshi Tatsu Barrett backs Yoshi in the corner, but Yoshi slides behind Barrett & hits a kick to the side of Ba »»

WWE Superstars Spoilers for 12.8.11 Taped from Raw

Not for fans of good wrestling. »»

WWE Superstars for 12.1.11 [Full Show Video]

Watch the entire show! »»

WWE Superstars Spoilers for 11.24.11 from Smackdown Tapings

Not a bad show, but so much for Kidd getting wins. »»

WWE Superstars Spoilers for 11.17.11 taped at Raw

Good workers not being rewarded. »»

11.10.11 WWE Supserstars [Video, Full Show]

Watch all the action within. »»

Images of WWE Mattel Basic Superstars Wave 2 (Royal Rumble Heritage)

Here are the images of WWE Superstars Wave 2 (#7-#12). This assortment is a Royal Rumble Heritage assortment, with wrestlers in their gear from Rumbles past. -Bret Hart (1988) -Shawn Michaels (1995) -Goldust (2003) -Rey Mysterio (2008) -John »»

WWE Superstars Spoiler 11.3.11 from Smackdown Taping

One more match you won't be going out of your way for. »»

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