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Arrow Spoilers: Olicity Update, How Will Oliver React To Felicity Dating Atom?

While Oliver Queen initially didn't seem to have a problem with Felicity dating Ray Palmer, it appears he does have issues with her seeing Atom. »»

Pull List Roundtable – 03/25/2015 – Batman Eternal #51, The Valiant #4, Jem & The Holograms #1,

All the comics that you should be buying! Or at least sneaking peaks in on the shelves... »»

Tales From the Arisverse With New Batman, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Chrononauts, All-New X-Men, Divi

Aris weekly comics reviews plus a movie review! »»

TV Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter Comments On Amazon's New Look In DC Comics' Post-Convergence Wonder W

The woman most associated with Wonder Woman speaks out »»

Secret Wars 2015: July Sees Marvel Comics Roll Out New Series For A Total Of 47; Cancellations Confi

A surprise series debuts & 33 series are cancelled »»

The Weekly Round-Up #276 With Divinity #2, Batgirl: Endgame #1, Chrononauts #1, Frankenstein Undergr

The best of the best from the week that was. »»

Secret Wars 2015 & More Roundtable: Marvel Comics June 2015 Solicitations Pick Over With Star Wars,

Secret Wars and Star Wars headline Marvel in June »»

Action Figure Smackdown – The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes vs. The Watchmen's Rorschach

It’s the mysterious masked vigilante from Watchmen vs the stoic sheriff from The Walking Dead, in this very first edition of Action Figure Smackdown! »»

Retro-Review: Invasion! By Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane & Bart Sears For DC Comics

Looking back to a beloved era of the Legion of Super-Heroes: the 5YG! »»

A Penny For Your Thoughts On The Joker & Batgirl's Really Awkward Week At DC Comics

This past week our favourite merry mirthful madman of mayhem The Joker made news twice... »»

Marvel Comics' Review & Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man 16.1 By Gerry Conway, Carlo Barberi, Juan Vlas

The luck of the Irish smiles on Spider-Man? »»

Wednesday Comments – JSA vs. Kobra vs. The New 52

2009? Yeah, I’m a little behind on some of my reading. »»

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