• First Look At McFarlane's WWE Icon Series Macho Man Randy Savage Statue

    WWE.com revealed all the new pictures of the upcoming McFarlane Toys Macho Man Randy Savage statue. The statue is 18" tall, and has a rotating base to recreate Savage's WrestleMania V entrance! This piece is limited to 500 pieces, and will be out t

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  • The Simpson's LEGO Mini-Figure Series Coming This May!

    LEGO just announced that they will have a Mini-Figure series with just characters from The Simpson's. These will be available in May, and come in the standard blind bags.

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  • First Look At Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Michael Bay Movie Figures

    The first images of the new TMNT have hit the web!

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  • First Look At K'NEX Titanfall Building Sets

    Here's something no one saw coming. K'NEX set out a press release today with its line-up for a series of building sets based on the latest major release video game, Titanfall.

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    First Look At DC Collectibles Teen Titans Red Robin Figure!

    DC Collectible's posted this figure to their Facebook page today! Look for this to be part of the next wave of solicitations. »»

    Tenth GI Joe Con 2014 Exclusive Revealed

    When CESSPOOL ended his environmental schemes, Sludge Vipers were no longer needed. However, his director of security took up the mantle of wearing their battle suits. Now he oversees all Cobra laboratory operations with his K-9 companion at his side »»

    Mattel Posts Video Preview Of Masters Of The Universe Extendar, Battle Lion, and Light Hope

    MattyCollector.com's ToyGuru posted the following video. In it, he previews some upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics, including the Princess of Power sub. »»

    Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Swindle (Platinum Edition)

    "Scruples? You'd sell your own motherboard to the highest bidder." (Megatron)Transformers Review: Generations FoC Swindle (Platinum Edition) Size: Deluxe (Giftset) OUT NOWA TF review written exclusively for Inside Pulse by Rikkomba  The Sw »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best Toyline

    In our final award of this years Toy Fair Awards, we have Best Toyline. »»

    Mattel To Buy Mega Brands (Mega Bloks)

    This press release was sent out to announce that Mattel is acquiring Mega Branks, the creator if Mega Bloks. Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) and MEGA Brands Inc. (TSX: MB, MB.WT, MB.NT) announced today a definitive agreement for Mattel’s acquisitio »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Biggest Surprise

    Our 4th award to be given out is the Biggest Surprise. »»

    Line-Up & Images For TNA Deluxe Impact Series 12

    Jakks revealed the 4 figure line up for Deluxe Impact Series 12! -Bully Ray -Chris Sabin -Hernandez -Magnus »»

    Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Onslaught (Platinum Edition)

    One of the best things about Fall of Cybertron has been the return of a classic G1 combiner, Bruticus. »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best Playset

    Welcome back to the Toy Fair 2014 Awards! This time around, we are talking playsets! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best New Toyline

    The next award to be given out this year is the Best New Toyline! Every year, some new lines are announced, and this year did not disappoint! »»

    Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Brawl (Platinum Edition)

    Fall of Cybertron reincarnation This represents a faithful Cybertronian version, including upgrading from military tank to futuristic hover-tank. »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best Action Figure

    Welcome to Day One of the Toy Fair 2014 Awards! We kick the Awards off with Best Action Figure! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Awards Are Coming!

    Toy Fair 2014 has come and gone, and now we are on to the 2nd annual Toy Fair Awards! Check back tomorrow for the first of three awards! »»

    McFarlane SportsPicks NFL Series 35 Line-Up Revealed

    McFarlane posted the following information on NFL Series 35! The Super Bowl is over, and the preparation for the NFL Draft has begun. Seems about a good enough time to announce the tentative lineup for NFL 35: RUSSELL WILSON - Seattle Seahawks »»

    Ninth GI Joe Con 2014 Exclusive Revealed

    When you're part of the "Leaky Suit Brigade" and are bad at your job... this is your eventual future! Cobra Compound Z Trooper: TOXO-ZOMBIE hordes should be avoided at all costs. - 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure »»

    McFarlane's AMC's The Walking Dead Series 6 Line-Up Revealed

    At Toy Fair, McFarlane Toys revealed Series 6 of their AMC's The Walking Dead line! -Rick Grimes -Abraham Ford -Hershel Greene -Carol Peletier -Bungee Guts Zombie -Governor w/ long coat These are due out in the fall! »»

    First Look At NECA's The Simpson's 25th Anniversary Series 2

    With the first series of figures hitting stores now, NECA has revealed an image of The Simpson's 25th Anniversary Series 2! -Lucy Lawless -Tony Hawk -Britney Spears -Mark Hamill -Pete Townshend -Roger Daltry -John Entwistle -Maggie in Jumps »»

    New Mattel WWE Basic, Elite & Battle Packs Line-Ups!

    At Toy Fair, Mattel revealed some brand new line-ups coming to the WWE line! WWE Basic Series 40 -Great Khali -Zack Ryder -CM Punk -Edge -Rey Mysterio -Alberto Del Rio WWE Basic Series 41 -Drew McIntyre -Santino Marella -Cesaro -Bray »»

    NECA Announces Plans Ellen Ripley Alien Action Figure

    NECA posted the following news: As part of the 35th anniversary celebration of ALIEN, we have attained the holy grail of action figures, if you will — the first-ever figures of Lt. Ellen Ripley that feature the likeness and approval of actress S »»

    McFarlane's Assassin's Creed Series 3 Line-Up

    McFarlane has revealed the line-up for Assassin's Creed Series 3! -Edward Kenway in Mayan outfit -Altair Ibn-La’Ahad -Ezio Auditore da Firenze -Secret Figure It is presumed that the Secret Figure will be from a game that has yet to be anno »»

    Eighth GI Joe Con 2014 Exclusive Revealed

    Here is the third member of the Emergency Chemical Operations Force that puts the original trio back into action. E.C.O. Force Engineer: CLEAN-SWEEP is good at his job and makes the devices to save lives. - 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Ful »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Power Rangers Legacy Collection

    Bandai continues their Power Rangers Legacy Collection, including a re-release of Titanus! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: NECA Bioshock Infinite

    Here are the Bioshock Infinite figures on display in NECA's showroom. Check out the first look at Booker DeWitt! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Mattel DC Multiverse

    Mattel had their DC Multiverse on display at Toy Fair. While there were no new figures shown, here are some new images of the anticipated Series 2. »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Skylanders Swap Force

    Activision was on hand this year with Skylanders! While they did not have a new game to show off this year, they did reveal some new figures yet to come for the current Skylanders: Swap Force game! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: DC Collectibles Statues

    DC Collectibles had an amazing display of their upcoming statues for the year! Check out the Black & White Batman series, Man of Steel Series, Bombshells, Covergirls, and more! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: NECA's Pacific Rim

    NECA continues the Pacific Rim line this year. Check out some of the new images from Toy Fair! »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Mattel's Batman Classic TV Series

    Mattel had their Batman Classic TV Series on display at Toy Fair. There is only 1 new figure to come out this year, 'Surfs Up' Joker. »»

    Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Mezco Axe Cop

    Check out the pics from Mezco's Axe Cop display at Toy Fair! »»

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