WWE Responds to Ventura’s Criticism

Yesterday we reported on some very harsh comments that Jesse “The Body” Ventura made about WWE and their treatment of talent. Today WWE responded in a comment to CapitolWatch. A WWE spokesperson provided the following response to Ventura’s comments: “We find it highly hypocritical that Jesse had no problem coming on Monday Night RAW last week to promote his new project or was happy to be paid all those years by the WWE as a performer. He is just looking to garner additional press for his fledging show, appropriately entitled “Conspiracy Theory.”

Of course, Ventura actually called himself a jerk for going on Raw and then criticizing the company, so WWE’s response doesn’t really have the impact (no pun intended) they might have hoped for.

On a related note, doesn’t it seem weird that WWE’s response actually references Ventura’s new show? If I were to look for a conspiracy theory (pun intended), I’d say that Ventura and WWE planned the whole thing in advance together as a publicity stunt, and we’re all pawns in this game.

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