Post War Of The Green Lanterns Teaser Spotlights Guy Gardner… Still No Kyle Rayner

To cap off our War of the Green Lanterns Saturday, we can report that Guy Gardner has recieved the Post-War of the Green Lanterns DC website teaser treatment (see right).

This follows similar teasers with John Stewart and Hal Jordan.

The teasers are pulled from George Perez’s triptych covers to Green Lantern #65, Green Lantern Corps #59, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8. While the covers adorn books during War of the Green Lanterns, its telling how DC is using them as post-War teasers.

In addition, putting the post-War teasers aside, Kyle’s less-than-prominent cover position is also telling. I have highlighted where he is on the cover because you might miss him. Notice how much more prominent John, Hal, and Guy are?

Poor Kyle

A very large black and white version has also been made available.

It is quite clear that Kyle Rayner will undergo changes as a result of War of The Green Lanterns. He can only go up from here. Right? Um, maybe… 😉 And, there is the Sinestro matter too.

Click on the below picture for a MUCH larger version of the George Perez beaut of triptych covers.

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