Forever Evil Spoilers: What Is The Crime Syndicate’s Outsider Origin & Where Is Earth 3’s Joker? (Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1 / DC Comics New 52)

As we learned in Forever Evil #1, Earth 3’s Alfred Pennyworth is the pal faced Outsider behind the Secret Society and an ally of Owlman of the Crime Syndicate. In Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1 we get a glimpse into The Outsider’s origin, a taste of Earth 3, and learn who else exists or existed there.

Additional Week 4 Villains Month SPOILERS

  • The identity, origin and how the Joker’s Daughter got a hold of the Joker’s face
    revealed in Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1.
  • Fate of Nightwing between Forever Evil #1 and #2 revealed in Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1.
  • How does Black Adam come back to life and whose side is he on in Forever Evil is
    revealed in Justice League of America #7.4 Black Adam #1.
  • Forever Evil Arkham War has stage set in Scarecrow #1, Bane #1 and Killer Croc #1.

Spoilers for Secret Society #1 follow.

How Did The Outsider Get That Pale Complexion?

Seems that Earth 3’s Joker used his Joker gas on Alfred and Owlman was able to halt it making him go mad. However, the pale stays.

During the fight with the Joker, Owlman takes his life and we learn that Owlman’s partner the Talon is also seemingly dead.

More Insight Into How & Why The Outsider Came To Prime Earth?

We also learned in Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1 a bit more on how Prime Earth came to the attention of the Crime Syndicate.

Who Killed Owlman’s Parents?

Like Bruce Wayne on Prime Earth, on Earth 3 Thomas Wayne’s parents were also killed when he was a boy; killed by none other than Alfred Pennyworth in his pre-Outsider days. Wow.

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