Forever Evil Arkham War #1 Spoilers: War Erupts Over A Batman-less Gotham City In Batman #23.4 Bane #1, Batman & Robin #23.4 Killer Croc #1 & Detective Comics #23.3 Scarecrow #1! (DC Comics New 52)

Forever Evil Arkham War is one of three companion mini-series, debuting in October 2013, running parallel to DC Comics New 52’s Forever Evil event series. We learned a lot more about the Arkham War mini-series from two Bat-foes Villains Month titles.

Additional Week 4 Villains Month SPOILERS

  • The identity, origin and how the Joker’s Daughter got a hold of the Joker’s face
    revealed in Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1.
  • What is the Crime Syndicate’s Outsider’s Origin and where is the Earth 3’s Joker
    revealed in Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1.
  • Fate of Nightwing between Forever Evil #1 and #2 revealed in Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1.
  • How does Black Adam come back to life and whose side is he on in Forever Evil is
    revealed in Justice League of America #7.4 Black Adam #1.

Spoilers follow.

Looks like it will be Scarecrow’s Arkham Asylum super-villains vs. Bane’s Blackgate Prison super-villains to kick off Forever Evil: Arkham War #1!

Batman in Detective Comics #23.3 Scarecrow #1

The Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman ripped open the gates of Arkham Asylum in Forever Evil #1. The Scarecrow plots over Gotham City in the wake of that in Detective Comics #23.3 Scarecrow #1!

Batman #23.4 Bane #1

Bane orchestrates the Blackgate prison jail break and sets his gaze on Gotham City in Batman #23.4 Bane #1!

Batman and Robin #23.4 Killer Croc #1

We learned in Scarecrow #1 that the “Strawman” as Poison Ivy calls him, got Killer Croc out of the way from his plans to rule Gotham City by agreeing to let Killer Croc run Gotham’s underground… literally. Croc is the King of the sewers, his “underground empire”, while Scarecrow and Bane fight over what’s above ground, but I have a sense Bane doesn’t have the same agreement with Croc, so it’ll be interesting to see where King Croc, see below, pops up after Villains Month.

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