Forever Evil #2 Spoilers: Where Is & What Has Happened To Nightwing? (DC Comics New 52)

In addition to providing a glimpse of the Crime Syndicate’s Earth 3, the origin of The Outsider, and fate of the Earth 3 Joker, Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1 also revealed what happened to Nightwing after the dramatic events of Forever Evil #1.

Additional Week 4 Villains Month SPOILERS

  • The identity, origin and how the Joker’s Daughter got a hold of the Joker’s face
    revealed in Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1.
  • What is the Crime Syndicate’s Outsider’s Origin and where is the Earth 3’s Joker
    revealed in Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1.
  • How does Black Adam come back to life and whose side is he on in Forever Evil is
    revealed in Justice League of America #7.4 Black Adam #1.
  • Forever Evil Arkham War has stage set in Scarecrow #1, Bane #1 and Killer Croc #1.

Spoilers for Secret Society #1 follow.

It looks like the Outsider wants to have Nightwing killed and will try to convince the Crime Syndicate of that in Forever Evil #2. Here’s the cliffhanger from Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1.

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