Top 5 Forever Evil #2 Spoilers: Crime Syndicate Triumphant Plus Lex Luthor, Batman, Justice League, Teen Titans & More (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Following up on Justice League #23’s Trinity’s War finale, with its 5 pretty huge spoilers, and last month’s Forever Evil #1 top 5 spoilers, comes the same treatment for Forever Evil #2 out this week.

Before we get into the meat of the issue, below is the cover gallery for Forever Evil #2 including its 6 covers including variant covers. You can also check out DC’s October 2013 checklist of Forever Evil tie-ins here.

SPOILERS follow for Forever Evil #2. Please tread carefully.

(5) How Many Earth Crime Syndicate Villains Does It Take To Beat The Teen Titans?

One and a half, literally. Johnny Quick and Atomica dismantled Red Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl and the rest of the Teen Titans without breaking a sweat. And, this was after they defeated a few police platoons.

Another cross-time caper a’coming for the Teen Titans? Wow. One and a half members of the Crime Syndicate made the DC Comics New 52’s next generation teen heroes look irrelevant. Wow. Just wow.

(4) What Happened To Earth 3 & Who Is The Masked Prisoner?

We learn a little a bit more about the Crime Syndicate’s relationship with the masked prisoner we saw in Justice League #23 and Forever Evil #1. Plus we learn more about the fate of Earth 3.

While we still don’t know who the masked Earth 3 refugee or “hitchkiker” it is, we can confirm it is not the Earth 3 Joker due to Villains Month happenings in Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1. However, there are 4 viable options that remain.

Is that entity that defeated the Crime Syndicate on Earth 3 Darkseid, the mad New God who tangled with the Justice League at the beginning of the New 52 and who also came close to capturing Earth 2? Or is it someone else? Interesting.

Plus at the end of the above image, we also learn why Nightwing’s life has been spared. It is a bit of clunky logic, but it does explain why the Crime Syndicate has not just killed Nightwing after Forever Evil #1.

(3) Crime Syndicate Dissention?

You can see the dissention starting in the preceding page between Superwoman and her husband Ultraman. We find out there is a reckoning coming because the Crime Syndicate’s trinity of Ultraman, Owlman and Superwoman is actually a foursome.

Plus the weird relationship between Deathstorm and Power Ring continues.

Will the Crime Syndicate defeat themselves at the end of Forever Evil?

(2) Lex Luthor & Bizarro, Worlds’ Finest?

Seeing Lex Luthor plot and scheme in a way that you root for me, is intriguing. However, we are reminded how evil he still is.

He sicks subject B-Zero (I see what you did there DC… Bizarro…) on Otis the security guard. The introduction of the Christopher Reeve Superman film’s pseudo “Otis” was short as was his exit in Forever Evil #2.

Interesting how Lex Luthor’s half-life Superman clone gets the backward S as a costume.

(1) Who Is The Injustice League’s Batman?

So, there has been a lot of speculation due to Nightwing’s secret identity outing in Forever Evil #1, that the Batman we saw on preliminary covers for Forever Evil #2 and other future covers was in fact Dick Grayson’s new superhero identity as Batman was assumed to be MIA with the rest of the Justice League. Well, not so!

Bruce Wayne is Batman. Catwoman is a hanger-on. Cyborg needs a tune-up and the rest of the Justice League is MIA, although DC Comics new Justice League of America writer did actually reveal where they are currently.

And it looks like we’ll see Lex Luthor’s Injustice League form in Forever Evil #3. Ok, bring on November!

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