Earth 2 #20 Spoilers: Batman Rallies The Troops Against Superman! Plus Another Classic Character’s Return! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Now that we know who is under new Earth 2 Batman’s cowl, despite it being spoiled months earlier in DC’s action figure solicitation and more recently in Earth 2 Annual #2’s preview ), things get back to what the team should do against the evil returned-from-the-presumed-dead Superman and forces of Apokolips who have returned to Earth 2.

The preview to Earth 2 #20 revealed the camaraderie of DC Comics New 52’s Batman and Earth 2’s new “Wonders”, but also set up some interesting moments in the issue including the how he plans to exploit or use his new secret weapon against Superman.

SPOILERS for Earth 2 #20 follow.

We learn early in the issue that the secret identity for Earth 2’s Red Arrow is not the brand new character Roy McQueen that previous writer James Robinson had teased, but current writer Tom Taylor has made him Connor Hawke! In the pre-New 52 continuity he was Oliver Queen’s son and took over mantle of Green Arrow for a time. See below right from the Adherents for more.

This debut of Connor Hawke follows news of the return of Flashes Wally West and John Fox as well as Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle.

Beyond that, most of the issue with the Wonder is spent having them trying to unlock the powers of the secret Black Kryptonian weapon. His weakness is kryptonite and… open spaces?

Curious why cliffhanger has “End” on it since the battle is clearly not over. More next month, friends!

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