How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: Did Michaela Sign Pre-Nup Because She Thinks She Will Go To Jail For Sam’s Murder?

How To Get Away With Murder fans were left scratching their heads for many reasons in the show’s mid-season finale, but one plot point that has been almost forgotten in the wake of learning the identity of Sam’s killer is the fact that Michaela signed her pre-nup.

The reason?

It’s because she believes she might be going to jail and now has nothing to lose.

“Is the idea of signing a prenup that bad when maybe you could lose it all and go to jail for the rest of your life? No,” executive producer Pete Nowalk told EW. “We all crave drama in our lives, but nothing seems like that big of a deal anymore. You just have to cling to what makes you feel safe and you’ll do whatever you can to do that.” Worse, though, is losing her engagement ring. “The whole night comes to bite her in the ass and it’s going to have definite personal fallout for her that we’ll see,” Nowalk continued.