Pulse Flashback 12/13/2004: Smark Raw Report, Chavo/Big Show Fight, Wrestling News, Opinions, Etc.

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The Crucifix

Back for another week of spectacularity with a lovely Lita picture just to show how happy I am with her Raw match. Just think about falling and bending like Beckham doing what you do on a daily basis and getting up and finishing it. She is one tough woman.

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Chavo/Big Show Altercation?

At the Smackdown tapings last Tuesday, Chavo Guerrero exchanged words with Big Show in the dressing room. Chavo is said to have gotten in Big Show’s face and Big Show reportedly pushed him across the room. Agents and other wrestlers quickly got between them and calmed the situation down before things went any further.

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InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

Show opens with a picture of Bischoff.

Bischoff makes his way down to the ring, and says that he finally takes a well-deserved vacation, and he comes back to a new Woman’s Champ, new Tag Champs, and a vacated World Title. He then introduces all 3 men that think they should be Champ, and they plead their cases, and then start brawling. Bischoff says that they are going to have a rematch from last week, and Jericho & Benoit will take on Batista and HHH, and Edge’s match with Orton will be next.

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Update On Jesus’ Injury Status

AaronAguilera.com reported he has a herniated disc in his neck and the first doctor who saw him recommened surgery. He’s waiting for a second opinion before making the decision.

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Backstage News & Notes From Armageddon

Paul Heyman was not at the Armageddon PPV last night. After being taken off of the team on December 3, one of Heyman’s responsibilities was to include him appearing in an on-air role with John Heidenreich, but he was not there when Heidenreich appeared in the main event.

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The SmarK RAW Rant – December 13 2004

– Hey gang — Christmas is here, and if you want to purchase an autographed copy of “Wrestling’s One Ring Circus: The Death of the World Wrestling Federation” directly from me as a great gift for the cynical jerks in your life, I’ve got a few copies for my own use. So drop me a line at skeith@gmail.com or Paypal me $30 directly to that address, along with your mailing address and what you want on the book, and I’ll do my best to get them out by the end of the holiday season.

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Wrestling News, Opinions, Etc., 12.14.04

Oh, and the stress of coming up for a lead for this thing strikes again, and it’s only two minutes to Raw as I type this. You see, if I’m stuck for a lead, I end up writing everything else first, then come back to this. It’s at that point when I usually troll the news sites to see if something interesting pops up, but when all you have is Scott Peterson being recommended for Ol’ Sparky, you get stuck. That’s when you just have to cut ties and get on with it. I don’t even feel like bitching about how my knees have been killing me the past couple of days for no discernable reason, and no one’s put up Armageddon anywhere on the Net that’s reasonably accessible (a sign of good taste for once). So let’s just move on…

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RAW Dark Matches, Heat Taping and Off Air Notes

Regarding attendance, the Von Braun Center holds about 7,500 at capacity. Tonight the crowd was maybe 4500 tops. In addition to having the normal area behind the jumbotron tarped off they had the entire upper deck behind the hard camera position tarped off. By comparison, the last time Raw was taped in Huntsville last fall only the area behind the jumbotron was tarped. The crowd was quite a bit less. However, almost every seat not covered was full. I noticed on local radio in the final days before the show commercials advertised a special match “after the cameras stop rolling” between Triple H and Randy Orton. More on that later.

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