DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Red Hood & The Outlaws #2 & The Surprising First Encounter With Artemis & Bizarro DC’s New Trinity?



DC Comics spoilers and review follow for Red Hood and the Outlaws #2.

There seems to be a slow build to the formation of this new iteration of the Outlaws.

Last issue ended with Artemis confronting Red Hood and Black Mask’s goons as they were after the same object.

This issue, Red Hood keeping his guise up as Black Mask’s right hand, a black hand if you will 😉 , does battle with Artemis who quickly realizes something is amiss.


She can tell that Red Hood is pulling his punches and is a “good guy”. Red Hood spills the beans on his mission to take down Black Mask’s organization from within, but notes he is essentially still a “bad guy”, but doing the right or good thing in this case.


Artemis and Red Hood join forces and discover the cargo they were both after wasn’t what they expected. It’s a game-changer if Black Hand gets ahold of it. The cargo is…


…a clone of the DC Rebirth Superman who…


…I presume will become Bizarro and round out this iteration of the Outlaws.


I’m enjoying the slow build on having Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro join forces as DC Rebirth’s new Outlaws; a dark trinity version of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. This version is a much better group to pull together than the New 52 motley crew that included Starfire and Arsenal. Solid art and storytelling in this issue. Will be back for issue #3.

I also hope with the imminent launch off the new Trinity monthly series as part of Rebirth, that features Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, that a cross-over between both books will happen in the next year.


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