Marvel Now 2017 & ResurrXion Spoilers: X-Men Gold #1 Tells 54 Years Of X-Men History In 6 Pages & 48 Panels! New Brotherhood Of Evil New Mutants?!

Marvel Now 2017 and ResurrXion Spoilers for X-Men Gold #1 follow.

The main story, the X-Men: Gold, made up of Kitty Pryde, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Phoenix / Marvel Girl Prestige & Wolverine Old Man Logan, take on…

…a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants made up of either former New Mutant heroes and/or legitimate former X-Men mutant villains.

Are those members of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants former New Mutants or simply villains? See the annotated page from above below.

In addition, the end of X-Men Gold #1 included 6 pages and 48 panels explaining the history of the X-Men since their debut in 1963; that’s 54 years!

However, it does gloss over the indignity that Marvel did to Charles Xavier in 2012 and that Marvel tried to rectify this week 5 years later.

What did you think of X-Men Gold #1?

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