Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Tales Of Suspense #100 Featuring Hawkeye & The Winter Soldier In Search Of The Avengers Own Black Widow

Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers for Tales Of Suspense #100 Featuring Hawkeye and The Winter Soldier follows.

In Search Of The Avengers Own Black Widow!

The book opens with Hawkeye attending a funeral service which readers are expected to first think is for the Natasha Romanova / Romanoff Black Widow.

However, it seems it was for a former Hydra official and this is a den of Hydra officials wondering who is picking them off.

The funeral director is caught in the middle.

Hawkeye travels to the Eastern Bloc country of Chernaya, presumably part of the old Soviet Union, because an official at the funeral was a government official from that country.

Hawkeye wants to get into the building where protests are to find who is picking off Hydra. He purposely is captured and thinks he sees the Black Widow on the rooftop. Why he leaps to that conclusion, seeing his ex girlfriend, is not explained to readers.

Hawkeye escapes his captors and…

…confronts the government official from the funeral. He admits he was Hydra as…

…the Winter Soldier attacks?!

He was there to stop Hawkeye from killing the Hydra official and Hawkeye was there to do that too. They were set up by…

…the Black Widow who…

…also laced the office with explosives?

That’s a wrap.

Now, a peak at Tales of Suspense #101 next month.

Will a Black Widow return from the dead during this 5 issue mini-series?

The Natasha Romanova / Romanoff Black Widow?

Perhaps Yelena Belova Black Widow?

Perhaps neither?

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