WWE Survivor Series Main Event Revealed?

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According to the same semi-reliable source that has broken news about Neville walking out of WWE and a potential Shawn Michaels return, recently posted the newest plans coming out of WWE about Survivor Series.

Apparently, unlike in recent years, the Survivor Series main event will not feature a RAW versus SmackDown Live Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. Instead expect to see a “battle for RAW” as “Constable” Baron Corbin recruits a team to challenge a Kurt Angle-led team for control of RAW. Angle has been off of TV recently due to RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon sending him on a “forced vacation” with Corbin filling in as RAW’s authority figure. But word is Angle’s return to TV is imminent and a battle with Corbin at Survivor Series is likely.

Do not take this news as there won’t be ANY RAW vs SmackDown Live matches. Word is there may even be a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match pitting RAW vs SD but the Angle/Corbin match will be billed as more important.

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