Marvel Legends SDCC Panel Images From Hasbro

The Marvel Legends panel has concluded, and a boatload of new stuff has been announced!

Fan Channel Exclusives: (click to pre-order)
Wolverine, Jean Grey, & Cyclops 3-Pack (December 2019)
Havok & Polaris X-Factor 2-Pack (October 2019)
Deathlok X-Factor (November 2019)
The Punisher Nemesis (November 2019)
Deadpool & Hit Monkey 2-Pack (October 2019)
Giant Man (December 2019)

Walgreens Exclusive (Fall 2019)
-Dani Moonstar (with Alternate heads & hands for Wolfsbane & Karma)

Spider-Man Marvel Legends (Early 2020)
-Spider Armor Mark III
-Velocity Suit Spider-Man (PS4)

X-Men Marvel Legends (Early 2020)
-Weapon X

Deadpool Marvel Legends (Fall 2020)
-Strong Guy BAF

Marvel Legends Vehicles (Spring 2020)
-Squirrel Girl with Scooter
-Cosmic Ghost Rider

2020 Release
-Doctor Doom
-Savage She-Hulk

Doom & She-Hulk did not have a specific wave attached to them, might be because the plan for MCU next year is still not revealed, and they usually release figures around the movies.

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