Pull List Roundtable 8/5/2020 – Dark Nights: Death Metal, Empyre, Adventureman, Seven Secrets & More!

For a full list of these releases, head to ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List.

James Fulton

I’m looking forward to new issues of Alienated, Empyre, Empyre: X-Men, Excellence, Immortal Hulk, Marauders, Oblivion Song, Star Wars: Darth Vader, Undone by Blood (so good!), Vampirella, and X-Force.

I’m a little intrigued by Tom Taylor’s new series Seven Secrets. I might give it a flip through…

Mike Maillaro

Quite a bit coming out this week, but not a lot of new series or exciting things to talk about.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #46 – This current story arc has been plodding. I prefer Spencer when he’s writing funny characters in ridiculous situations. I don’t care much about Sin Eater or Kindred. Hopefully this arc will surprise me, but right now, it’s just not what I want from a Spider-Man or Nick Spencer comic.
  • Empyre – Bunch of Empyre books coming out this week. I loved the two big reveals from last issue, but did think the random flashback was handled in a way that made the issue more confusing than it needed to be. But that aside, Empyre has been great. Heroes being heroes and not fighting each other because the story demands it. I am really curious how Captain Marvel fits in this story because issue 18 seems to contradict what’s going on in the main series, but that might just be a timing issue because of strange release date pushbacks. Captain Marvel #19, Empyre #5 (Of 6, Empyre Avengers #2 (Of 3), Empyre Captain America #2 (Of 3), and Empyre X-Men #3 (Of 4).
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #4 – This current arc about Darth Vader being haunted by his past and Padme has been brilliant. Naboo blames Darth Vader for the death of their queen and the great hero Anakin Skywalker. This has been an excellent way of tying the original trilogy and prequel trilogies together.
  • Billionaire Island #4 (Of 4)
  • Batman And The Outsiders #15
  • Dark Nights Death Metal #3 (Of 7)
  • Flash #759
  • Hawkman #26
  • Superman #24
  • Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics #6 (Of 7)
  • Adventureman #3
  • Ghost-Spider #9
  • Hawkeye Freefall #5
  • Marauders #11
  • Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 (Of 5)
  • Venom #27
  • X-Force #11

John Babos

6 books this week plus one FCBD 2020 book.

      Adventureman #3
      Dark Nights: Death Metal #3
      Detective Comics #1025
      Hawkman #26
      Justice League Odyssey #23
      Superman #24
      FCBD 2020: Blade Runner 2019